Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Afternoon Tea | Jenn's XX Birthday

Pretty much any excuse is made and goes for Afternoon Tea with the Ladies.

This time the excuse was the real deal - it was one of my bests', Jennifer's XXth Birthday (a women never revels her true age). We celebrated at Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale, one of my favorites in Vancouver - fabulously dainty food and extremely friendly staff. The Secret Garden however is really quite casual, so I choose not to use my English Accent here - however still high up on my "lovely list".

This trip to Secret Garden, we were all so lucky to have a new guest to sip with, the birthday girls best friend from Saskatoon. A well planned birthday surprise from myself, Katy and Heather. She is a well-known photographer that (as you will see for yourself) is absolutely phenomenal at what she does with a true passion and eye for art.

Heather Fritz

Secret Garden Tea Company

yours truly

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