Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Tea Shop Discovery

Very excited to announce I found a New Tea Shop. Nestled on the strip along White Rock Beach this shop is a must experience for all Tea Lovers. From Aromatic Tea Leaves to Fabulous Teacups to Gorgeous Teapots this store had it all.

As Katy and I walked in, we were greeted by the Owner, Maureen Coroliuc, who cheerfully offered us her newest addition to The Angelic Teapot, Chamomile Lemongrass Herbal Tea (or what I have recently learnt Chamomile Lemongrass Tisane).

Maureen is an absolute Gem. One of those women who has a kind heart, soft face and a real interest in you as a person not just as a customer. I chatted with her between others in the store that required her help and learnt that she had owned 2 Saje Stores (Aromatherapy) which she had just sold to follow her love in life.......Tea. Wow - how inspiring! She sure does seem extremely pleased with her decision, as the store really boasts feminine beauty. 

Through our conversation, I mentioned that I have been impatiently awaiting the Tea Sommelier Course to come to Vancouver. Maureen was quick to react on how she had been waiting herself on the class to open registry. It would be nice to see a familiar face when I one day walk into the class.

After scooting around The Angelic Teapot I found a good 40 or 50 items I could have taken home and all very reasonably priced however the combination of 50 items at a good price doesn't always make my MasterCard or Husband for that matter happy. A Bag of Creamy Earl Grey (Black Tea, Cornflower Petals & Natural Flavours) is what I walked to the till with. Maureen insisted that I also take another Tea as a sample. One that may have caught my eye while I had been walking around the store. I excitedly chose the Scottish Caramel Pu-erh (Pu-erh Tea, Butterscotch pieces and Natural Flavours). Which was also actually what Katy had purchased. I couldn't help but give it a try after Katy waifed it under my nose for a smell - complete caramel heaven. I cannot wait for a glass tonight.

As you will all soon realize, Katy will gravitate towards and try at least once, anything Scottish (*insert joke here*) and therefore it was no surprise to me that she chose this Tea, along with some Shortbread cookies for her evening Tea tonight.

While Maureen was telling us about Steep Time on our Tea's, Katy had mentioned she likes her Tea strong and Maureen had said "If you like your Tea strong, you must try this Organic Assam I just brought in for another customer of mine - its extremely strong". Off she ran to get the large bin of Assam. She scooped us both out samples of the Tea and sent us off.

Attached are photos from The Angelic Teapot Shop, Thank You Maureen for so graciously allowing me to take these photos.

PS: Watch out for tomorrow.... I'm baking some Creamy Earl Grey Shortbread!

Yours Truly

The Angelic Teapot | Maureen Coroliuc
14971 Marine Drive
White Rock, British Columbia
604-536-7747 or

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