Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lah Tea Dah - Very own Signature Blend

You heard it right Ladies and Gents!
Lah Tea Dah has its very own Signature Tea Blend at Adagio.

Check out and search either Tairalyn Ciulla or Lah Tea Dah in Blends and you can order your very own piece of Heaven on Earth.

Premium Black Tea, flavored with oil of bergamot (citrus fruit), infused with Vanilla and splashed with Rum

70% Earl Grey Bravo | 20% Vanilla | 10% Rum

*direct link here*

As mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered that Adagio gave one the opportunity in designing and selling their own personal Tea blends. I waste no time (as those who know me are aware) and created my very first blend.  

I hope you all can get yours and enjoy a cup every night before you call it "a day".
Seriously, tell me a cup of Cozy Black Tea, Soothing Vanilla and Warming Rum doesn't sound like the perfect sip of "goodnight" to you??!!??

Yours Truly

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