Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Afternoon Tea Tours - New York Style!

Now isnt this just Splendid, Tea Tours around New York City!

We need something like this here in Vancouver and by "we" I mean I want and think that everyone else in this world would better from having it.

Tea with Friends, New York Tea Tours. Hosted by Elizabeth Knight, a Certified English Tea Master, Author (Tea with Friends, Tea in the City: New York, and Celtic Teas with Friends)and Tea Sommelier. With the idea in mind, of spending the day Touring New York, shopping and Sipping makes me want to weep. Weep with joy that is! What a day that would be for me! 

Its official, added to my Bucket List. "have Tea with Elizabeth Knight on a New York Tea Tour". Written in pink pen, right after "Tea with the Queen"!

What??!!?? It could happen! Bunch-ah Negative Nacies.....whats on your list huh??!!??

I think the concept is fabulous and when I do make a trip out to New York I will be sure to cross another thing off the good ol' Bucket List and go on a Tea Tour with Elizabeth herself.

Yours Truly

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