Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Earl Grey Citrus

As you are all very well aware, I am so lucky to have had Caitlyn with The Boston Tea Company discover my blog. Sending me a package-o-goodies in the mail last week - you will still find me sitting on cloud nine!

As I've been dying to get started on the reviews, I have set out the time to do just that (and by set out I mean booked it in my day timer, and written it out in PINK PEN on my "Evening To Do List").

After reading into the company and learning a little bit more about these generous folks....I am even more impressed with their Company and story:

From the fateful day in 1773 when the forefathers salvaged chests of undamaged tea from Boston Harbor, through America's struggle for independence to the present time, The Boston Tea Company has grown to become a leading purveyor of high quality teas.

Their prized teas originate in the lush plantations of Sri Lanka and the mountainous regions of India and China. Hand-picked at the peak of perfection, processed by artisans using traditional old world techniques and skillfully blended to assure the most flavorful cup.

The Boston Tea Company takes pride in their ability to service their customers, by communicating and reacting to all their individual needs. With tea being perceived as today's healthy beverage of choice, they will continue to follow their heritage and maintain a mission to develop the finest possible cup of tea that connoisseurs around the world can appreciate and afford.

I hope you enjoy reading my review on their Earl Grey Citrus as much as I enjoyed sipping it!

* an old favorite blend of Indian Assam Tea and Essence of Bergamot brought up to date with a dash of Citrus

Tea Type: Black Tea

Tea Tasting Location: From the comfort of my Couch, all while maliciously enjoying the axing of  Kasey "nasal talker" Magee, off the Bachelorette.

Tea Accompaniments: Cream and a Clover Honey Flavoring Spoon (soon to be available on the website - yes... that's right readers, I got it public debut. Trust me, its the inspiration for why  I wore my largest necklace I owned. I felt like the Royalty, like Queen Elizabeth. Its just too bad her necklace glistens with Rubys, Sapphires and Diamonds while mine with Plastic, Metal and Gloss)

Leave Rating: 4.6
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Liquor Color: A rich amber center, spreading out to a lighter cornflower yellow. Beauty in a cup really! I'll take a Solitaire Cushion-Cut 1 Carat Earl Grey Citrus Gemstone set on White Gold, Please and Thank You!

Aroma: At first there was an awakening but soft citrus aroma that graced my nose...After awakening my mind, soul and senses I picked up a strong waft of Bergamot that pretty much coated my heart with flowery aromatic goodness. I spent a great deal of time stirring with my new love in life, the Clover Honey Spoon. Not because the Tea needed it, but because the heat from the Tea melted the honey to produced such sweet smells which was putting me in a sugary coma. If my husband wasn't "serenading me with music from his nose", for sure he would have taken the spoon away and "snapped" me out of it. *teehee* - lucky me he was alseep, my delicious honey tornado lasted a good 5 minutes.

Taste: In the first corner we have the beautiful, yet strong Bergamot Flower, weighing in at 0.03 grams. In the opposite corner, her competition, the striking yet smoothly refreshing Citrus Peel weighing in at 0.05 grams. This competition looks fierce folks! At first sip I was taken back. The comforting, soulful sip was more than I had expected. When I think of Citrus the first thing that comes to mind is awakening energy, however their perfect combination of Bergamot, Citrus and Indian Assam, put me in a comfort trance. I couldn't be more pleased with this Tea.   

Comments: I'll have another cup please....actually make that two - I don't plan on going to bed anytime soon, Last Comic Standing starts in 10 minutes!

Yours Truly

Dry Leaves of the Earl Grey Citrus

In goes the boiling water!

It steeps as I get ancy...then again whats new?

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