Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teatulia for President!

This morning I stumbled across an Brilliant yet extremely eye-opening Article written by Jessica Howell writer of The Atlanta Motherhood Examiner. This Article is called "My Introduction to Tea" and it does a great deal of light shedding on just how amazing the Tea Company Teatulia really is.

The Article was written from information Jessica had gathered straight from a Farmer of Teatulia. As Jessica just learnt (and now me) Teatulia Farmer is a sales and demo representative for the company.

Besides learning that I am joined by many mothers in the South when mailing Invitations out for Birthday Tea Parties (only difference is I am mailing them out for my 27th and Mama South for their daughters 5th - damn it!) I learnt a great deal about the company that the world needs to know about.

Let me quote some of Jessica's Article:

Teatulia's all organic garden was started to empower the women in the region, Katie explains to me. "As a co-op, each family is given a cow and plots of land to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. But more important than the tangible items provided, they learn organic farming skills. This means their products are healthier, are of higher quality, and can fetch more in the local market if they choose to sell outside the co-op. So far, over 1,200 people live there with only about half of the owned acres planted."

With a mission like that, it's hard for me to believe that Teatulia hasn't gotten more press or industry coverage.

"The garden is based in Bangladesh, which is a fairly new region for growing tea," explains Katie. "It's located in the region of “Tetulia” and is near Assam and Darjeerling, India, so the tea is more similar than that from China or Japan. Tea is like wine -- it varies based on climate, soil, and farming method. This tea is grown using the 'do nothing' farming method developed by Masanobu Fukuoka and results in an extremely clean, pure taste."

Jessica is absolutely right - its a shame that Teatulia has not been more widely covered in the press. Teatulia should be known for how they grow their product and just how many families in Bangladesh have enriched lives because of them. 

Please, spread the word! Let your next sip be one from Teatulia!

Yours Truly

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lewis; Teatulia Farmer

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lewis; Teatulia Farmer

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lewis; Teatulia Farmer


swampthings said...

All because of you, my afternoon tea is going to be Teatulai Bengal Breakfast Tea.

I like how they don't have strings on their tea bags, how you just drop them in the cup and sip.

Trish said...

Great write up Tairalyn! Beautiful pics.

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Guys!

swampthings: don't you love that! drop and sip - pretty much the best thing ever! Cant wait to get my package... I and getting impacient! then again what's new!

Trish: Thanks so much for your comments. keep reading I might have something extra fun to show before the weekend :)

Yours Truly

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