Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea

I wake this morning, a little groggy. And by "a little groggy" I mean in complete disarray. Call my grand mama - but last night I was out until 1:30am and apparently my body is punishing me for such abuse and lack of z's it got.

"Sorry achy, sleepy, angry body, let me sweeten your soul with a warm sip of this morning wine"

Tea Name: Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea 
* purchased from The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale

Tea Type: Fruit Herbal Tea

Tea Tasting Location: Tired!. says location not mood.... in my Kitchen much too early for a photo (as you will see). Late night out at the Movies, home at 1:30am, I'd have to say though "get him to the greek" was so worth the black beauty marks under my eyes!

Tea Accompaniments: smells sweet enough!

Leave Rating: 2.7
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Dry Leaf Appearance: Deep Green and Black curled leaves, Pieces of dried Fruit peppered my Tea Bag, it looked good enough to sprinkle on Ice Cream.

Wet Leaf Appearance: Large Green Beautiful Leaves., After soaking up the Water they expanded and turned more a rich Olive Green and Chocolate Brown.

Liquor Color: Sunshine Yellow. a Beautiful Bright Cornflower Yellow.

Aroma:  Sweet, Smooth, Comforting, Fruity. I have chosen to stop there (as I could go on for hours) only because I want to take the biggest sip it smells so heavenly. 

Taste: Sweet, at first sip (probably because I got a good sniff at the same time) however quickly mellowing out to a herbally after taste (for lack of professional words). For me, the smell was more of a pleasure than the sip. 

Comments: I bet this would be fabulous as an Iced Tea on a Hot Summer Day. I'm not a huge Herbal Tea drinker, as you can see in my past reviews on strictly Blacks and Greens however I will not doubt be re-trying this again once our patio renovations are completed in cool water topped with Ice Cubes. Yum!!!!

Leaves, pre-bath!

In goes the water!

Soaking while I salivate over the Aroma! What a Tease this Herbal Tea is!

Yours Truly


Snow said...

That's such an awesome looking tea-filter bag! Where did you get it?!?

LahTeaDah said...

Thank you for the comment Snow!

I got it from a Tea Shop here in Vancouver, which is located on the ever so Fabulous Granville Island.

The company I purchased them from is called "Granville Island Tea Company"

Best thing since sliced bread if you ask me!

Yours Truly

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