Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Vanilla Almond

Today, I had a free moment...or should I say I made a free moment to sip, savor, and review. 

As the Tea arrives at my Doorstep demanding my "john hancock", I get more and more ancy to get these reviews out to all my readers. I seriously can't boil water fast enough before the next shipment knocks on the door. Its such a Fabulous dilemma to have..... I live the life as a professional non-professional sipper!

Tea Name: Vanilla Almond
* a pleasantly sweet blend of Chinese Senchung Oolong Tea with Madagascar Island Vanilla and California Almonds

Tea Type: Oolong Tea

Tea Tasting Location: My Office Desk; that's right folks, I told you one of these days I would get paid to sip! What do you have to say about that?!? 2 months in, and already making the Donald Trump Dinaro

Tea Accompaniments: Cream and a small sprinkling of Sugar. The aroma of the Tea has already set me to a sugar coated dreamland, I didn't think it needed much more sweetening.

Leave Rating: 4.5
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Liquor Color: Almond, who woulda thought! A beautiful light almond tone with the outer edges taking on a bright yellow. Sunshine in a cup! 

Aroma: A Sweet, Nutty Aroma, perfumed with Vanilla and a hint of Floral goodness.

Taste: At first sip the Vanilla stood at the forefront, with the Almond and Calendula Leaves showing up to play soon after. The perfect combination with perfect delivery making themselves feel at home on my tongue.

Comments: All in all, this Tea will be placed on the top shelf next to the rest of my favorites. Only those who I truly enjoy the company of, get to sip on a cup....and when I say "a cup" I really mean it. One cup only damn it, I mean, I like you, but unless you gave birth to me, married me or I call you only get one cup!   

Yours Truly

Vanilla Almond Oolong Tea in its Dry Form

It steeps.....we wait!

"It's getting steamy in here!"

And next...we sip and enjoy!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Vanilla almond sound interesting, I feel like it would need a chocolate biscotti dipped in it for pure satisfaction!

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