Monday, June 07, 2010

All About Me...Thanks to Apron Anxiety!

I have been inspired today by my new love in the world of bloggers Apron Anxiety! If you have not had a read, its best you get crack-a-lackin and head on over. She will keep you in stitches from start to finish. Her raw humor, her straight to the point explanations and her witty tales of Life from Men to Magazines to Rocking the Apron!

Alyssa's post today shed a little more light about her as an individual - and it really opened my eyes to the fact that you all only know of me as a paper cut-out, flat and one sided. Today you shall know all sides of me! And Mum, if your reading this - it is merely a check list of what you already know and love:

I’m a sweets person, a spur of the moment person, and the kind of person who has a love hate relationship with Reality TV.


I’m a loud person (who thinks they are using their inside voice at all times), I’m a proud person, and the kind of person who gets gut wrenching cramps when someone proves I’m wrong.


I’m a pedicure person, a humorously dramatic story telling person, and a person that's takes the word loyalty seriously.


I'm a person who loves, to be loved. I'm a person who takes passionate to its next level, and I'm a person who surrounds themselves with family and friends because they are what make my life so warm.


I’m a true believer than Mondays should officially be a weekend, I believe your Birthday should be celebrated all month (including daily gifts and cake) and I believe that Calories can Rott in Hell along with Contract Small Print, Garden Weeds with Roots that show face in China and Single Pane Window in the Winter.

I URGE you all to post about yourself today! Be selfish....go on, I know you all have it in you!

Let's all "ting" our fine china in celebration of me..........okay and you!  But really its about me today....and tomorrow.... and the start of next week ,which will flow into the week after and until the end of the year!

To all fours sides of me! Cheers

Yours Truly


swampthings said...

Inspired by your blog, I tinged my fine china just a little too hard, and now it's all over the floor.

But it was worth it!

Excellent blog.

Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Love it... love the comment above too :) heehee

You inspired me to write my own for a post today!!

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