Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Organic Assam

After my visit to The Angelic Teapot in White Rock a few weeks ago I was left with a sample of the Organic Assam that Owner, Maureen had just brought in specifically for a client. My first ever try of the Assam Tea and - Oooo Weee! Wakie Wakie....Chose to "sip" this bad boy in the evening - Good thing Late Night TV was invented, I caught up on all my shows!

Tea Name: Organic Assam Tea
* received as a sample from The Angelic Teapot

Tea Type:

Tea Tasting Location: My Comfy Cozy Couch, giggling up a storm with my Husband, thanks to “Last Comic Standing”

Tea Accompaniments: Cream and Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.4
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Dry Leaf Appearance: It looked of tiny beads of dried, dark chocolate, dirt. In fact it looked just like the Instant Coffee that my Grandpa Tony used to drink. Ha Ha This is what it reminded me of.

Wet Leaf Appearance: Mud! When the piping water went in it looked just like a mud pie I used to make as a child. Rich Brown, Mushy (for lack of a better word) - but with Aroma's that could knock you off your socks.

Liquor Color: A Deep Rich Mahogany Brown  - couldn't see to the bottom of the Cup. Pure Brown Beauty!

Aroma: The moment the water hit cup, I can only describe it with these words: Rich, Bold, Strong, Dominance and Nose Candy.

Taste: Malty Tongue Coating Creamy Goodness. Full-Bodied, Silky, and a very pleasing lingering flavors! I love my Tea strong.... Assam Tea just might be a new addiction of mine - was a treat for me!

Comments: I think Assam should be deemed a Tea for Hercules. Beautiful, Bold and Intense. A Great choice for a lover of Black Tea and and even better choice for someone looking to add a "jump start" to their day - if this Tea doesn't awake your senses - I suggest researching the quote you want on your Tomb Stone!

Yours Truly

The lonely cup awaits, as the Water takes its sweet time to boil

In goes the Water

and now we wait....complete torture!


My Owl Barn said...

I am a bigger fan of coffee than tea. But, black tea is my favorite and I love Assam tea. Try cardamom with black tea. You'll love it!

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Shivani! Thanks so much for your comment!

I will no doubt give Cardamom Black Tea a try - watch out for it in a future Tasting!

Yours Truly

Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

This sounds like my kind of tea... love the brew contraption, so pretty!

LahTeaDah said...

Thanks for the Comment Missy!
Its a Fabulous Tea - this will give us an excuse to go for Afternoon Tea soon!

Yours Truly

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