Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raspberry Pickin' Sunday

"Are you sure Tairalyn? I don't think these are good to eat? They don't look like the normal shape of a Raspberry! And feel them, they don't squish like a Raspberry! I don't think these are good Babe....Let's just leave them! You promise your not going to eat them and die?"

You know how they say opposites attract.........well lets just say I don't worry too much about anything! Ha Ha

Sammy and I spent a lot of time in our backyard this weekend - Sammy was tearing down the deck as I propped up a Lawn Chair and.......watched! I'm best as spectator. I take pictures, I get beverages when they are needed, I wipe faces with cold clothes when one is sweaty, and I even give advise on how to use tools I don't even know the names of. I'm a Class 1 Spectator and proud of it!

Once Sammy felt as he had done enough damage on the deck for the weekend, we took a much needed break. I was tired from all that shopping...Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, after 30 minutes of spectating, I decided to head out to the Fabric Store and see if I couldn't find some cute Summery Fabric to design with. I felt very artistic at that, not so much.

Sunday, we cleaned up after the deck demolition. After a good 20 loads back and forth from back to front where to trailer was parked - we sure were tired! Walking to and from, to and from, with so much repetition, I caught myself day dreaming with wandering eyes over the back fence. I could hear bunches of ruby red Raspberries, calling my name! Upon finishing our last load I made the great suggestion..... shall we pick some Raspberries? With his scrap Metal Pole in hand, off we went. I think he liked the idea of whacking the bushes out of our way more than the actual picking and consumption of the berries........

We are now back inside, cleaned up and relaxing from an extremely busy weekend......I sure am looking forwarding to savoring my Ruby Red's after dinner. And by "I am looking forward", I mean me, by my lonesome. Something tells me Sammy won't be joining me!

Yours Truly

He may look excited about Raspberry Pickin' but my guess is it only because he's whacking bushes left, right and center! 

1 for the Bucket....2 for me....1 for the Bucket....3 for me

Snoopy McSnoopsters checking out the Ruby Red's! 


swampthings said...

I was drinking the raspberry lemon mate tea from Teavana that I found because of your site, when I opened your blog. Fortuitous!

LahTeaDah said...

Go Figure!!!

Let me know what you think of the Teavana Raspberry Lemon Mate, I would love to have you as a Guest Reviewer!

Yours Truly

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