Thursday, June 03, 2010

Weddings, Birthdays and Family - OH MY!

This weekend will be filled with Festivities - all of which include FAMILY. And I say this with all honesty, "I've been counting the sleeps and I cannot wait any longer"!

I love it when we all get together - its always made for a great time. Lots of Fabulous Food, Grand Giggles, Divine Dancing and of course Massive Memories! This is why, I can't wait. 

The last time we were all in one Venue was for my Wedding in December 6th, 2008. All the Men enjoyed their beverages as the Women danced the night away.... and I have proof thanks to Jennifer Kirk.

When we all get together - its electric!
This weekend is my Brother, Dustin and his Wife, Jennyfer's, Vancouver Wedding Reception. As you will all recall they were married in Hawaii last month. It is also my Mothers Birthday tomorrow (turning 29 again) as well as Grandmothers 75th on Monday and Cousin, Josh's Birthday on Wednesday - since they are all in town, we shall celebrate! And by Celebrate Josh, I do not mean snorting salt and shooting Tequila! We had enough nose bleeds to last a lifetime.

DON'T ASK!!??!! I said my Family was Fabulous I didnt say they were Brilliant!

So, long story short. I will not be here this weekend to entertain you all - so make sure you call up the friends and start making some plans! Ha Ha

I shall be back on Monday with many many stories and hopefully some pictures that have already surfaced themselves....

Have a Fabulous weekend and to leave you all with a line to live by this weekend:
"Never trust a man, who while left alone with a Tea Cosey... Doesn't try it on"- Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly - The Greatest Hits Of Billy Connolly

Yours Truly

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