Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea of the Month Clubs

I have recently learnt of such thing, "Tea of the Month Club". Why has it taken me so long to be made aware of this.... You tell me, my so called TEA LOVING FRIENDS!!!!

Tea of the Month Clubs are where you receive specially selected Tea's over a period of time via snail-mail. A very neat idea, not only for people like myself who review Tea's as a profession (ha ha) but as a fabulous Gift for a Tea Lover. Seriously it doesnt get much better than a gift that gives every month. Brilliant if you ask me!

I did my research and found companies who offered "Tea of the Month Clubs" in hopes to shed some light on this concept, and of course encourage you all to "sip" outside the box at least once a month. This coming from someone who sipped Earl Grey for the past 20 years of my life....I'd say I'm as perfect of a Candidate as Sarah Palin would be as a Geography Teacher! 

As I am sure their are many-o Clubs out there, these are the few that I have came across in my findings that looked extremely "sip worthy". Please note all the below pricing are subject to shipping and sales tax.

Happy Adventurous Sipping

The Art of Tea | Twelve months for $150, Six months for $75 and Three months for $40

Teavana | Twelve and Six month packages starting at $100

Teatulia | Twelve month packages for $100

The Tea Emporium | Twelve month packages between $130 and $190

Mighty Leaf Tea | Six months for $144.95 , Four months for $134.95 and Three months for $71.95

The Boston Tea Company | Coming soon!

Tavalon | Six months packages between $60 and $110

Yours Truly

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