Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UPDATE: Clover Honey Tea Spoons

As promised earlier in the week, I was going to update my readers when the Clover Honey Spoons became available to the public, so here I am. Keeping my word!

Better yet - when I got to the Boston Tea Company site, I noticed they had many available flavors to purchase. This might just change the Tea world forever! With options such as Pomegranate which will flavor your Green Tea just beautifully and Peppermint Candy which will accompany any Black Tea during the Holidays - these are a sure hit for a Tea Lover or as a Gift. Heck if your anything like me they act as a Lollipop too! Mmmm Mmmmm

If I were you I'd get them now! And by now I mean yesterday... Go Go Go!

Yours Truly

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Those are so cool, I love using honey in my tea, and some places only have sugar. Plus, it prevents you from over sweetening. I want some too!

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