Friday, June 18, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Maple Black Tea

Three weeks back, my sister-in-law told me of a place she wanted to take me to. A Teashop that served a long list of Tea's and a just as lengthy list of Desserts. As if she didn't already have me at "Tea" the Desserts were icing on the cake (seriously - no pun intended)! She went onto explain how it was like English Teashop meets City Goth - As abstractly awkward as that picture looked in my head - I just knew it would be Amazing!

Last night, I met Jennyfer at Sweet Revenge for 8:00pm. Our much anticipated Evening Tea Date had arrived. I had been overly excited all day, dreaming up what the shop might look of. Upon arrival I was completely taken back. It was quaint, cute and extremely inviting. Walked into a dimly lite and which what felt like a vintage living room - I was completely comforted by the elegantly laid back feeling the room gave. I walked to the front counter to request a table for two, and a lovely man, adorned with a red apron took me to a little metal, Paris inspired, table in the corner. Lite merely by a candle, I sat down, waiting for my company to arrive.

Jennyfer arrived and I had already went over the Menu a good four times... my heart screaming for Earl Grey, I knew better than to listen to its dying wish as its always my "go to" leaves. I chose the Maple Black Tea as I knew I wanted to review it on Lah Tea Dah. Jennyfer chose the Rooibos Bourbon Street Vanilla and we were both ecstatic with our choices. Having made the drive all the way out to Vancouver (its really not that far, twenty minutes maybe - I just like to think I had a good enough excuse to be eating such rich decadence with having not gone to the gym in three weeks) I felt as though I earned a piece of cake, and by piece of cake I mean two. Jennyfer and I both ordered one and shared - so really I only had half of both which in total is only one. Right??!!??  

Tea Name: Maple

Tea Type: Black Tea

Tea Tasting Location: Sweet Revenge; a quaint little Teashop on Main Street.

Sweet Revenge
4160 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Tea Accompaniments: A Sprinkle of Sugar and a Dollop of Cream 

Leave Rating: 4.6
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Liquor Color: Soft but a Rich Bark Brown (yes - I do mean bark. As in off a tree, where you might get maple syrup from...catch my drift)

Aroma: Sweet Buttery Caramelized Maple. Sweet Baby Jesus, do not wake me from this Dream! (Thank You Talladega Nights!)

Taste: A Smooth, sense waking touch of Maple in every sip. Soft yet Bold, Creamy yet Rich. I vote for the Maple Black Tea to be staple leaves in any Canadian tea cupboard. Eh!

Comments: I accompanied this beverage with two slices of Cake.....I explained myself already damn it - its technically only one! Mine was the Zuccotto (a domed cake, featuring liqueur-soaked sponge cake and layers of fresh berry mousse and chocolate mousse, covered with dark chocolate ganache) and Jennyfers was the Chocolate Gateau (flourless chocolate cake with a hazelnut center and a hint of raspberry jam)......These delightful little gems were like complete bliss to my taste buds. Some what of a similar reaction that my body has when it hears that Gucci is having a sample sale - Sweet Baby Jesus help me not get violent (again, Thank You Will Farrell)!

Yours Truly

Our Table as it looked upon arrival

The list-o Tea's served at Sweet Revenge..oh yeah! and they have other beverages too, like coffee and stuff *teehee* blah blah blah!

Tea...served in a cute little french press, well isn't that so lah-tea-dah!

Jennyfer's Slice of Heaven (Chocolate Gateau) ...

and mine (Zuccotto)!

Thank you Jennyfer - for taking my picture!

The view from our table for two


Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Sounds like a must visit... you're such a cutie in your hat :)

LahTeaDah said...

Its a MUST re-visit for me. I shall take you as my company this time. You and Katy shall be my dates!!!

;) thanks.... I think someone else has a hat like me... and she might look JUST AS CUTE as me - if not cuter!

Yours Truly

Andrea said...

I clicked on the link and was shocked by the menu. I totally understand why you had to review it 4 times to make a decision. What joyful stress! I would like to visit Sweet Revenge!

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