Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Review: Texting Gloves

I bet right now your wondering how you missed that "Pig in the Sky".... No people, I did not cave and buy myself Texting Gloves... but apparently I advised the population that matters {the ones that follow me} of the newest Glove to help a texting hand near you.

Last week I posted about these new Texting Gloves I had stumbled across. I ranted about how ridiculous I thought the idea was - however to my surprise these have proven to be a BIG-HIT with iphone owners. Guess purchasing a Blackberry was not only a practical thing but Fashionable....TeeHee

My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail directly after my post to tell me that she thinks the idea could either be a great success or a total flop - she would be heading downtown to track them down and put an end to the question that had been eating her alive. Best Invention Ever or Worst Trend Alive.....

So after she bought a pair I had her review and all!!!

Q} Where did you buy your Texting Gloves?
A} The Quicksilver Store - 820 Granville Street in Vancouver

Q} How much were they?
A} $27.50

Q} Did you buy more than one pair?
A} Yes, a black pair for me and a pair of gray ones for my sister as part of her Christmas gift.

Q) What do you rate the Gloves out of 10?
A} I will give these gloves a solid 7.5 out of 10 overall.
What I will say is that they are great for people who are going to be on and off the phone constantly – like I typically am most days with appointments for work. For the person who texts and uses their phone on a casual day-to-day basis; I could see how it’d be slightly annoying having to flip the pointer and thumb open and shut for every message. At the end of the day they serve their purpose; which is avoiding having take your glove off completely - especially for those of us with touch screen phones. Either way your hands stay nice and warm and you’re able to call, text and email with no problem at all, 2 flips and your connected. The gloves also have a faux suede patch I found to be a great feature for traction and are really soft and thick enough to keep in that heat! The downside to these gloves is that they only come in one size so they may not fit everyone perfectly. They will also eventually start to pill but this goes without saying for most gloves – unless you’re wearing leather. I’d say they were a great find.

Q} Did you first find out about these Gloves thanks to LahTeaDah?
A} Thanks to LahTeahDah I am now the proud owner of these gloves! If it wasn’t for the review, albeit one claiming how heinous these are, I would probably have not known of their existence or at least attempted to go out and specifically look for them. Now, whether it’s a work email or a text to my husband, I can be confident I won’t lose a finger due to frostbite!

{Best! Sister-In-Law! Ever!}


Anonymous said...

woah, who's the model?

LahTeaDah said...

I have a very funny feeling I know who this might be and let me first off tell you how upset I am that you are not a follower of mine!!!!


Ife' said...

Being an iPhone user, I'll say I could definitely use a pair! I've had to choose between texting and freezing before... no fun! these are perfection :)

Not What It Seams said...

I could definitely make use of these. Touch phones and even turning the volume up and down on an ipod doesn't work with gloves on! They look crazy but are practical!

Samantha said...

Great blog! :o)


Anonymous said...

О! Das war ein schöner Artikel zu lesen, danke für sie.

Rachelle said...

I like the idea of these!! but, i have the a pair of the gloves that you can expose your palm fingers and then another pair that you can expose your four fingers as well as your thumb!..but i am surprised i have nevverrr heard of these before :/

but i like!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

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