Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Seriously...need I say more?
My attempt to bring you all a little laughter today! Did it work??!!??

PS: Any uninvited guests that show up to my home wanting a beverage have now been upgraded from just Water to Water or Tea from these Tea-Bags! Ha Ha Suckers! 

Yours Truly

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea puts Dementia down for the count!

Normally on the weekends I don't do much blogging only because my life is pretty scripted, by choice. Friday Evenings we normally get home to either relax and have a comfort food dinner or hang out friends who want a low key night. Saturday if my husband doesn't work OT (which during these sunny weekend is far and few in between) we spend the day taking care of our home, from gardening to house cleaning to renovations. Sunday comes and we normally have a morning visit from my father-in-law, making some sorta fancy breakfast and then spend the day Grocery Shopping. I know I know, Your thinking how the heck does one Grocery Shops all day? We split our Grocery Shopping to 3 separate locations, Our Organic Meat Market our Fruit Market and our Grocery Mart - and this my friends - is why it takes us so long.

I did get a chance to browse through my fellow favorite bloggers this morning and noticed this very interesting post. Thanks Heaven of Tea  for this post and fabulous information I am able to share with my readers. To read the complete article please click here.

As if I needed a reason before to consume more Tea.... Good thing I made some Ice Tea Popsicles this weekend (posting to follow) - 8:52am means nothing, it's hot damn it - that should give me reasons enough to be eating one this early.

Yours Truly

Improved living and diet habits — including lots of physical activity, regular tea-drinking and sufficient vitamin D levels — could reduce the risk of brain decline, according to three studies presented Sunday.

"These are encouraging," says William Thies, chief medical and scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association. "These types of studies make people think, 'Well gosh, maybe I can do something about this disease.' "

The studies were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Honolulu.

One of the studies is from the Framingham, Mass., cardiovascular risk study, in which researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, among others, tracked more than 1,200 elderly people over 20 years, 242 of whom developed dementia.

In a second study, including data on more than 4,800 men and women ages 65 and older, participants were followed for up to 14 years. Tea drinkers had less mental decline than non-tea drinkers. Those who drank tea one to four times a week had average annual rates of decline 37% lower than people who didn't drink tea.

Coffee didn't show any influence except at the highest levels of consumption, researchers say. Author Lenore Arab of UCLA says, "Interestingly, the observed associations are unlikely to be related to caffeine, which is present in coffee at levels two to three times higher than in tea."

(Photo thanks to Ooah Lady on PhotoBucket)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fine China with a Stem...

its now officially been added to my DIY Future Projects Folder on my Desktop. Along side a pair of Lace Sunglasses, Vintage Apron and of course a Afternoon Tea Dress.

These neat Tea Glasses were found on the Country Living Magazine Website. I think they are just fabulous and what better than to sip from Fine China then sipping from Fine China that is even that much closer to your mouth - perched up on a Stem. Amen!

Check out how to make them yourself at this link. I will be crafting some sooner rather than later, and of course I will be back to brag to you all once done (and by brag to you all I mean tell you all the fabulou comments I get from fashion haters and or innocet passer-bys). 

However..... if someone gets the heart to make some before me... please send me an e-mail with photos - I'd love to share them with all my readers!

I shall leave you with the other items I mentioned above in the DIY Future Projects file that sits on my Desktop... waiting patiently for me to make some time.

Yours Truly

My ever so useless but ever so sexy "Lace Sunglasses"

The "I am so cute while I bake" Apron that all women should have in their Tea-Towel Drawer 

The "its better to be over than under dressed" Afternoon Tea Dress that I just must have!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea-Rex ...What??!!??

Now that's some scary....probably uninvited company!

I'm pretty sure I could make a safe bet on the kind of Tea that Mr. Tea-Rex here would be sipping on.... I definitely think he'd be throwing back a Black Tea and more specifically a Bombay Chai no doubt.... something Spicy and Bold yet Yummy and Warm to sooth his human eating tendencies! Tea-Rex is no doubt a un-invited Tea Party Guest at my house... so for him, he only gets water from me!!!!

PS: Thanks to my brother, Dustin, who randomly sent this to me in an e-mail - gotta love when family starts sending you images to inspire your future posts :)...... again, I've got the best family eva!

Yours Truly

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Bombay Chai

Just like when the music turned and jaws flew out of the murky waters - I was terrified, gripping onto my husbands shoulder with the thought of having to try Bombay Chai Tea from The Boston Tea Company. That's what I get for answering to their inquiry on what samples I would like try with "surprise me!"  The smell was Spicy, the look was Intimidating and overall I didn't want to have to give my first zero Tea Leave Rating. Ah man....the stress I endured thinking about having to steep my first cup and blog about it. I like The Boston Tea Company so much I wouldn't want them to think anything bad of me having hated their Tea so much. 

Well, read on my Tea friends, read on..... The Bombay Chai came far from forever sitting on the Bottom Shelf, or being deemed the Tea I serve to Guests who come unannounced.... *teehee* The Bombay Chai took me and my taste buds off guard ..... stand back, get your own Tea, this ones mine!

My mother lied.... sharing is over rated!

Yours Truly

Tea Company: The Boston Tea Company

Tea Name: Bombay Chai
* You'll do the cha-cha over our chai tea! Ever so popular, worldwide, chai is a centuries' old tradition of Indian culture. Boast to your friends about Boston Tea aromatic, cheery blend of black tea with sweet fragrant spices. Simply add a pinch of sugar to bring out its rich flavorful spices of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and anise seed. Top with a generous splash of milk and sensually savor each sip!

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table.

Tea Accompaniments: The Clover Honey Spoon from The Boston Tea Company. An overall suggestion from the Family was that with the smell being so Spicy an accompaniment of Honey would be a match made in heaven. And so we did.......

Leave Rating:
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 4

Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 4
Dustin (my brother): 4.682
Doris (my aunt): 3.5
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 4.5
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4.5
Christopher (my cousin): 4.5
Justin (my cousin's husband): 4.5

Tairalyn: 4.6

Liquor Color: Ginger, Maple Syrup (yes, we are Canadian eh'), Dark Honey, Amber

Aroma: Spicy Cinnamon, Ginger, Soft Mint and Clove

Taste: Smooth yet Soft Vanilla, Clove, Malty Black Tea, Reminds Jennyfer of a Tea they would serve at a Spa and Dustin says considering he doesn't drink Tea and has no desire to start, he would actually go out and buy this Tea.

Comments: I took a leap of faith - okay I lied, I waited to try this Tea with others so that If I had a bad review, it may be out weighted by others who loved it. Good Idea Right??!!??
I tried it....and tried it again... oh yeah and since then Ive "tried" it another 2 times. Seriously I am so pleased that I love it so. With how terrified I was after first sniff, I am proud to say I am the new spokes person for "get over yourself...and try it" and here to say that Bombay Chai Tea is one of my new favorites. Those who come over unannounced will still only have 1 choice of beverage and that is Water. This Fabulous Tea is not what I had expected at all. Its Smooth, Rich and Sweet Taste make my taste buds scream for more.

Thank you Boston Tea Company, for making such amazing Tea's - and for sending me something that I would never have purchased on my own...I have a new obsession thanks to you!

and she steeps, letting out more of her Spicy Aroma....which still leaves me in nervous stare

Summer trying to get in on the fun....

 Nana Carmen yelling her rating "Mmmmm 4.5"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Passionfruit Jasmine

....and I'm back. Still with a voice that sounds of a 40 year veteran smoker, however Fever Free and my Nose has come to the conclusion that running was only fun for a short while. Yeah! Time to get back at 'er!

So as promised, I still have 3 Tea's from my "Family Tea Tasting" that I have to iform you all of. To refresh your memories, I was in Campbell River for my Cousin's Surprise 30th Birthday, planned by my ever so talented Cousin and Aunt (I'm so proud - If I were still in the market of Planning Wedding's, I'd for sure hire them). The following morning after the party, all gathered at my Auntie and Uncle's House which formed into a Tea Tasting. We completed 4 Tea Tastings with full notes contributed by all. Guests ranged from 7 to 10 per Tasting, all depending on who's attention span actually lasted the 5 minute steep time.

Yours Truly

Tea Company: Art of Tea

Tea NamePassionfruit Jasmine
Select black tea and green tea, jasmine blossoms, and passionfruit essence. A long lasting, sweet flavor and astounding aroma that carries well hot and as a refreshing iced tea. This Passionfruit Jasmine tea won the Judges' Top Prize First Place at the Best Iced Tea Competition in Dallas, Texas in 2007.

Tea Type: Black & Green

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table. 

Tea Accompaniments: The Honey Clover Spoon by Boston Tea Company. Everyone's thoughts were the same, it smelt like a Tea that required a little dolup of Honey. So low and behold, out comes the ever so loved Honey Spoon from Boston Tea Company. Seriously I'm sure I made a believer out of all of my family with regards to the Honey Spoon, pretty certain they are the Honey Spoons biggest fans! Job well done Boston Tea

Leave Rating
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 3.5
Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 4
Dustin (my brother): 3.17
Janie (my aunt): 4
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 4
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4
Christopher (my cousin): 4
Paul (my dad): 3.5

Tairalyn: 4.4

Liquor Color: A Royal combination of Gold with Brown undertones, Golden Honey, Amber with a watery looking rim (my sister in law always comes up with the fabulous descriptions. I'm pretty sure its because she is so passionate about Tea like me, oh yeah and it might have something to do with the fact that she is a professional wine sommellier - just maybe).

Aroma: Jasmine, Lavender, A berry of some sort...possibly Raspberry, A Red Skinned Berry, Currants, Wild Flower, "It reminded me of Oatmeal...the Peaches and Cream Flavor....Mmm Mmm Mmm".

Taste: Malty Black Tea, Jasmine, Bitter Sweet, No Acidity but great flavor with bitter end notes.

Comments: Long story short I need a bigger Top Shelf. I am adding new favorite  on a daily basis it feels. This one here, the Passionfruit Jasmine, isn't an acception, it goes up on the top with the rest of my favorites to enjoy time and time again.

After reading the Label, I was very happy to see that the Passionfruit Jasmine, which I asuumed would be a Green or White Tea was in fact a Black. I think its a perfect accompaniment to a summer evening on the patio, with Fruity Floral Aroma's and a hearty Black Tea Taste, I couldn't ask for anything more. Now.....If I could only have that Patio completed that I have been dreaming about! I guess, I'm pushing it, seeings as I am sitting in a house at the moment with the flooring half done that I had asked for, awaiting its completion. "One at a time Tairalyn, one at a time!" the ever so famous words of my husband! Now......where is I Dream of Jeannie and, her stupid magical blinking ways when I need her?

In goes the Water......

Out comes the Aroma.....Dustin getting all professional on us, wafting the air, trying to give his thoughts on the Aroma of the Passionfruit Jasmine Tea

Of course, me making sure I get just the right shots!

*teehee* our families drug of choice is Caffeine


Dad taking his first sip

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gettin' Tipsy Tea

After hours upon hours upon hours - I've finally got my hands on 4 cases of the Bliss-Berry Fermented Tea. Don't think that just because I got so many cases this means I will share, cuz that assumption is false!

This Tipsy Tea is all mine!

Yesterday in the local Metro News their was an article on a Company which made Fermented Tea, Katalyst Kombucha. Will Savitri, maker behind the Fermented Tea, is being looked into by regulators in Massachusetts with concerns that the Bliss-Berry Fermented Tea needs to be regulated as an alcoholic beverage. Some bottles of the Fermented Tea have more than 0.5% Alcohol.

I wasn't much of a boozer before, BUT if you bring Tea into the mix.... I just might be a fan! I thought I would return to the Blogging Scene with a Big Bang! And by Big Bang I mean Drunk and Stumbling... Woo Hoo Katalyst Kombucha.....way to make me no longer feel pain from this horrible horrible Flu.

Yours Truly

PS: My intentions this weekend is to complete the missing 3 reviews from my trek into Campbell River for a Family Shin-dig that ended in a Family Tea Tasting. Watch out for it Lads!

Will Savitri, owner of Katalyst Kombucha fermented tea, holds up a bottle of his Bliss-Berry fermented tea in one of his refrigerated storage units at the Katalyst Kombucha company in Greenfield, Mass.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Sicker than a Dog

Sadly, Tea will not be the cure this time.

Strep Throat, The Flu and a Cold - I sure know how to have fun during this dreaded Summer Heat Wave. I can't seem to keep my temperature under 100 - and therefore I can't use Tea as a cure all this time. I spend my days consuming rolls and rolls of extra soft Toilet Paper for my Nose, who thinks Running beats Walking any day and bathing in a bathtub of cold water....my life is far from glamorous at the moment :( Sorry for my lack of posting however I plan to be back up on my feet come Monday.

Yours Truly


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Green Pomegranate

Tea Company: Art of Tea

Tea Name: Green Pomegranate
* Select organic green tea hand tossed in a large wok, dried to perfection, then carefully blended with organic raspberries and essence of pomegranate. Sweeten the senses with a tart and tangy rush to the palate.

Tea Type: Green

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table. As their were up to Nine of us at once tasting, only Three of us got chairs, the rest stood and sipped. I tell yeah, my family are die hard sippers like me. Tell me another family that would do this.... huh.....huh....that's what I thought!

Tea Accompaniments: We all chose nothing. Are options were Milk or Cream, Sugar or a Honey Clover Spoon from Boston Tea Company. The Aroma to us, was sweet enough.

Leave Rating | 5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 3
Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 3
Dustin (my brother): high 4's
Janie (my aunt): 3
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 3
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4
Christopher (my cousin): 3
Doris (my aunt): 4

Tairalyn: 4.2

Liquor Color: A combinations of everyone thoughts: Apple Juice Yellow, Golden Yellow, Amber and "Whats those jewel things that are yellowish color" Auntie Janie Screams....."It's called Amber Mum" says Carmen Jayne...."Oh.... then Amber!" Auntie Janie says....."I already said that Mum!" Carmen Jayne says.

Did I mention my family is quite loud and enjoys speaking over one another which in term only re-affirming what the other has already stated. Yeah...its a sickness we have - But I'm willing to keep this ailment if it means I get to keep this family as my own.

Aroma: Raspberry, Fruity, Grassy, Green Apple, Straw, Pomegranate............"I know this sounds strange, but the smell reminds me of Bubble Gum" says Christopher.

(Chris is our families "tony hawk". He can do crazy jumps off gratified walls, and therefore in my eyes he to can say or smell anything and it'd be right! I thought it totally smelt of Double Bubble Chris!!??!!)

Taste: A Grassy Knoll, Mild Pomegranate; the smell of Pomegranate was more apparent when we sniffed versus the actual taste.

Comments: The leaves at first sniff were complete bliss. I seriously could have easily taken the bag, hid behind the couch (as no doubt my family would have judged), and eaten it right then and there. I tell you this is going to be perfect Iced Tea material. I cannot WAIT for this weekend, the temperature is supposed to hit 30 degrees this week and if that's not perfect Iced Tea Weather - I just don't know what is! The Taste of this Tea for me was much more than expected. I don't usually gravitate towards a Green Tea as I find they have bitter or bland after notes on my tongue. This Green Gem however was far from that. It was just as flavorful as it smelt. I will keep this Green Beauty on my shelf, no doubt!

Yours Truly

Any form of a mini cup, mug, or bowl will work...its just a vehicle to get it to your mouth right?!?

Dustin, Jennyfer, Andrea and Carmen Jayne waiting while the Green Pomegranate Steeps.

Steeping it in a 16oz Pyrex helped for smooth distribution....create family I tell yeah! 

Nana and Kristina taking their first sniffs as Christopher and his nose paciently wait their turn.

Surprise...Happy Birthday...Now let's drink Tea!

I went away this weekend. "Wait...What??!!??".... I know I know, I went away without notification. It felt horrible, trust me. It felt like that time I accidentally dated best friends at once and failed to advise them. And by accidentally I mean on purpose. If I would have know they were so close, I wouldn't have taken the risky chance of dating them together in the same week! 

But really, I couldn't tell you! One of my avid readers (Andrea Knowles) didn't know I was making the trek out to visit them - it was a party planned in her honor, a Surprise 30th Birthday! Now that the surprise is over, I can tell you! See......so really its not that bad, I had full intentions on advising you later - so its much less no where near as bad as my accidental on purpose dating disaster..... right??!!??

My Auntie Doris and Cousin, Carmen Jayne planned the most amazing Hawaiian Party behind my Cousins (their Daughter and Cousin), Andrea's back. Have I confused you all yet? I'm pretty sure I'm lost at this point - so I hope you are! Which ever the case maybe, the Event was Fabulous from the Roasted Pork on the BBQ to the Games inspired by "Minute to Win it" all the way down to the Blue Hawaiian and Pina Colada Cupcakes. They seriously knocked it out of the park.

I had my camera in hand the ENTIRE weekend. I know I know, hold your gasps.....Tairalyn with a Camera...No Way! For those of you who don't know, I was born with a Camera in hand. My mother, Patricia, has been deemed the "Patparazzi" by all our family, from her picture taking escapades ....So never the less between myself and my mother we got shots from every angle, whether it was their best or not.

BUT WAIT...I wouldn't be posting about this IF their wasn't Tea involved some way, some how!

Sunday Morning before we headed back on the road for destination "slowest form of transportation alive" best known as B.C. Ferries, we had a Tea Tasting. And by "we" I mean my whole family! Seriously......I'm not kidding - In order for us all to par-take, some sipped from cups, some from ultra mini mugs and others from round ceramic bowls, anything to do it all together. We made Tasting Notes on Three Tea's that I received last week from Art of Tea and One that I was a little afraid of, from Boston Tea Company.
Yes again..... Proof my family ROCKS!

I will post each day from today on until the end of the week (all closing comments will be made from my own thoughts to ensure my readers are getting still ample conclusions to this Tea from myself) - In no specific order, and of course to humor you all - stay tuned for OUR first Tea Tasting Notes from the weekend!

Yours Truly

The Cement Banner

Carmen Jayne awaiting Andrea's arrival...10 minutes late, however she's allowed 5 minutes for herself and 5 minutes for Summer (here baby girl) - apparently this is a rule of thumb for women. Good to know....thank you Carmen for this tip!

First "minute to win it" inspired game. Hula your balls (ping pong balls) out of the box that was strapped to their back. First to get the balls out of their box, wins! Was pretty much a comedy show for us spectators.

My sister, Shanalisa and I

Second "minute to win it" inspired game. Aftering wrapping a set of nylons around your waste that hung with coconuts inside, your hands on your hips, swing and hit your ball into a hoola hoop across the driveway. First to get their ball inside the hoop wins!

Knocking coconuts for good luck

Auntie Janie and I

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ding Dong....Another Package has Arrived!

A "surprise" package has arrived from my good friends at Art of Tea on Thursday last week.

I tell you, I have grown quite close with one of their Staff Members and I honestly think that maybe... just maybe, we were cut out of the same cloth. It's pretty amazing actually. You know when you meet someone that you feel so connected to? From driven personal success to life aspirations to even inside humor. Sad that we are so far apart and probably a rare chance of ever actually meeting in person. 

Its crazy really. And by "crazy" I mean Fantastic. She is really quite Fabulous! Thanks Snow, for my next weeks sipping experience - your a Gem!

The package included loads of Tea, Steeping Instructional Cards and of course a exciting hand written note to the one...the only....me. Life is Good!

Stay tuned next week for some Art of Tea Reviews!!!

Yours Truly

Friday, July 02, 2010

1 Teacup, 2 Teacups, 3 Teacups, 4.....

The more my Teacup Family grows, the more convinced I am my husbands advise of officially changing my name to Grandma Mildred, is in fact a smart investment.

Over the past 2 weeks I've added a good handful of Teacups to my porcelain skinned family. Three of which I adopted from an Estate Sale a few block from my Home. I paid a hefty adoption fee of $2.50 for these heavenly babies, however I'd say that was a pretty good investment. My Mama came by last week and brought me Three of her beauties that had been sitting pretty in her "hope chest" all these years. Dusted off, Cleaned up and now getting cozy with the rest of the bunch. However my most prized possession at the moment is definitely the Teacup that was given to me from Miss Jennifer Kirk. Tell me its not a work of art.....Nobody drinks from this other than moi and Mama Dukes.... and maybe Jennifer, I mean she did get it for me and all. Oh Fine!! Consider this a voucher for use Miss Kirk. Expires yesterday :)

Until my next adoption kick.......My family as of today stands at 13 Teacups and 1 Teapot.

Yours Truly

One of the babies hidden in the "Hope Chest" - Survivor #1

One of my Estate Sale Adoptions. Didn't manage to find the matching Saucer however I wasn't about to make a scene to Grandma Nelly - At $0.50 each, I held back my inner Mariah Carey - It just wasnt the place or time.
"Hope Chest" Survivor #2

Drum Roll Please
The One....The Only....

The Teacup that makes Mona Lisa look of Elementary Art

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Guest Post: Chinese Style of Drinking Tea

Hey Everyone!

swampthings and I are guest posters on each others' blogs today. Here's his post, and check out my post on his blog, semioriginalthought.blogspot.com. Learn just how I became such an avid tea lover. I started quite young, no wonder Im a professional now...go visit Semi-Original Thought, their are pictures to prove it!

Yours Truly

I watched a Chinese friend of mine preparing her tea once.  She had these green tea buds or tips or something, put a lot of them all loose in a cup, added some cool dried fruits I'd never seen before, and let it steep.  Then, she'd sip the tea around the floaties in the cup, and keep pouring more hot water into the tea. This way, she had flavorful tea throughout the day, but all from the same cup.  She also said that toward the end of the day, she'd eat the tasty dried fruits, which were now no longer dried, but full of juicy tastefulness.
I stared, and I said, "wow, that's cool tea."

She gave me some green tea and fruits, and for the rest of the day, I tried to mimic exactly what she was doing so I could get the full experience of the Chinese style of drinking tea. I thought it was really cool to be able to drink loose tea without a bunch of contraptions or French presses.Now, I know from the book Kick-Ass, but not the movie Kick-Ass, that there are 2 billion Chinese people in the world.  And I know I'm generalizing here, that all 2 billion people can't possibly all drink tea in exactly the same way. But, I felt I was getting some culture and doing something cool by drinking around the loose tea leaves.

Also, I'm very cooking impaired, so this style totally resolves my problems of having to measure stuff. I just have to dump a bunch in the cup to start. If it's too strong, I add more water. If it's too weak, I add more leaves.

I found Teavana's Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate tea through a sponsor on LahTeaDah's excellent Tea website. And this Raspberry tea is just amazing.  At first glance it looks like they took the tastiest things in the world, and put them all together in a tea.  It contains apple pieces, raspberry pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehip peels, rosebuds, lemongrass, mate, and Vitamin C. Everything that's tasty in the world, I say.

Tea Type: I'm not sure, maybe someone could explain to me what "mate" is.

Tea Tasting Location: Friend's house. You don't really think I own a nice teapot, do you?

Tea Accompaniments: Nothing, this tea is just awesome by itself. In fact, I could eat it from the box without adding water, I think.

Leave Rating: A+++++
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Liquor Color: Dark Raspberry color

Aroma: Awesome! Like being in a fruit orchard.

Taste: Awesome! Like being in heaven.

You know that one dried apple you had ten years ago, that was the tastiest thing you've ever had in the whole world, but you've never been able to find a dried apple like that again?  Well, this Raspberry tea has a few of those rare dried apples in it.

In fact, I think you could eat everything in this tea, apples, raspberries, rose hips. Now I'm hungry. Very hungry.

And now I'm chewing on a fistful of lemongrass.
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