Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Green Pomegranate

Tea Company: Art of Tea

Tea Name: Green Pomegranate
* Select organic green tea hand tossed in a large wok, dried to perfection, then carefully blended with organic raspberries and essence of pomegranate. Sweeten the senses with a tart and tangy rush to the palate.

Tea Type: Green

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table. As their were up to Nine of us at once tasting, only Three of us got chairs, the rest stood and sipped. I tell yeah, my family are die hard sippers like me. Tell me another family that would do this.... huh.....huh....that's what I thought!

Tea Accompaniments: We all chose nothing. Are options were Milk or Cream, Sugar or a Honey Clover Spoon from Boston Tea Company. The Aroma to us, was sweet enough.

Leave Rating | 5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 3
Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 3
Dustin (my brother): high 4's
Janie (my aunt): 3
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 3
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4
Christopher (my cousin): 3
Doris (my aunt): 4

Tairalyn: 4.2

Liquor Color: A combinations of everyone thoughts: Apple Juice Yellow, Golden Yellow, Amber and "Whats those jewel things that are yellowish color" Auntie Janie Screams....."It's called Amber Mum" says Carmen Jayne...."Oh.... then Amber!" Auntie Janie says....."I already said that Mum!" Carmen Jayne says.

Did I mention my family is quite loud and enjoys speaking over one another which in term only re-affirming what the other has already stated. Yeah...its a sickness we have - But I'm willing to keep this ailment if it means I get to keep this family as my own.

Aroma: Raspberry, Fruity, Grassy, Green Apple, Straw, Pomegranate............"I know this sounds strange, but the smell reminds me of Bubble Gum" says Christopher.

(Chris is our families "tony hawk". He can do crazy jumps off gratified walls, and therefore in my eyes he to can say or smell anything and it'd be right! I thought it totally smelt of Double Bubble Chris!!??!!)

Taste: A Grassy Knoll, Mild Pomegranate; the smell of Pomegranate was more apparent when we sniffed versus the actual taste.

Comments: The leaves at first sniff were complete bliss. I seriously could have easily taken the bag, hid behind the couch (as no doubt my family would have judged), and eaten it right then and there. I tell you this is going to be perfect Iced Tea material. I cannot WAIT for this weekend, the temperature is supposed to hit 30 degrees this week and if that's not perfect Iced Tea Weather - I just don't know what is! The Taste of this Tea for me was much more than expected. I don't usually gravitate towards a Green Tea as I find they have bitter or bland after notes on my tongue. This Green Gem however was far from that. It was just as flavorful as it smelt. I will keep this Green Beauty on my shelf, no doubt!

Yours Truly

Any form of a mini cup, mug, or bowl will work...its just a vehicle to get it to your mouth right?!?

Dustin, Jennyfer, Andrea and Carmen Jayne waiting while the Green Pomegranate Steeps.

Steeping it in a 16oz Pyrex helped for smooth distribution....create family I tell yeah! 

Nana and Kristina taking their first sniffs as Christopher and his nose paciently wait their turn.

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