Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Bombay Chai

Just like when the music turned and jaws flew out of the murky waters - I was terrified, gripping onto my husbands shoulder with the thought of having to try Bombay Chai Tea from The Boston Tea Company. That's what I get for answering to their inquiry on what samples I would like try with "surprise me!"  The smell was Spicy, the look was Intimidating and overall I didn't want to have to give my first zero Tea Leave Rating. Ah man....the stress I endured thinking about having to steep my first cup and blog about it. I like The Boston Tea Company so much I wouldn't want them to think anything bad of me having hated their Tea so much. 

Well, read on my Tea friends, read on..... The Bombay Chai came far from forever sitting on the Bottom Shelf, or being deemed the Tea I serve to Guests who come unannounced.... *teehee* The Bombay Chai took me and my taste buds off guard ..... stand back, get your own Tea, this ones mine!

My mother lied.... sharing is over rated!

Yours Truly

Tea Company: The Boston Tea Company

Tea Name: Bombay Chai
* You'll do the cha-cha over our chai tea! Ever so popular, worldwide, chai is a centuries' old tradition of Indian culture. Boast to your friends about Boston Tea aromatic, cheery blend of black tea with sweet fragrant spices. Simply add a pinch of sugar to bring out its rich flavorful spices of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and anise seed. Top with a generous splash of milk and sensually savor each sip!

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table.

Tea Accompaniments: The Clover Honey Spoon from The Boston Tea Company. An overall suggestion from the Family was that with the smell being so Spicy an accompaniment of Honey would be a match made in heaven. And so we did.......

Leave Rating:
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 4

Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 4
Dustin (my brother): 4.682
Doris (my aunt): 3.5
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 4.5
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4.5
Christopher (my cousin): 4.5
Justin (my cousin's husband): 4.5

Tairalyn: 4.6

Liquor Color: Ginger, Maple Syrup (yes, we are Canadian eh'), Dark Honey, Amber

Aroma: Spicy Cinnamon, Ginger, Soft Mint and Clove

Taste: Smooth yet Soft Vanilla, Clove, Malty Black Tea, Reminds Jennyfer of a Tea they would serve at a Spa and Dustin says considering he doesn't drink Tea and has no desire to start, he would actually go out and buy this Tea.

Comments: I took a leap of faith - okay I lied, I waited to try this Tea with others so that If I had a bad review, it may be out weighted by others who loved it. Good Idea Right??!!??
I tried it....and tried it again... oh yeah and since then Ive "tried" it another 2 times. Seriously I am so pleased that I love it so. With how terrified I was after first sniff, I am proud to say I am the new spokes person for "get over yourself...and try it" and here to say that Bombay Chai Tea is one of my new favorites. Those who come over unannounced will still only have 1 choice of beverage and that is Water. This Fabulous Tea is not what I had expected at all. Its Smooth, Rich and Sweet Taste make my taste buds scream for more.

Thank you Boston Tea Company, for making such amazing Tea's - and for sending me something that I would never have purchased on my own...I have a new obsession thanks to you!

and she steeps, letting out more of her Spicy Aroma....which still leaves me in nervous stare

Summer trying to get in on the fun....

 Nana Carmen yelling her rating "Mmmmm 4.5"


A mysterious aunt...with corn to trade... said...

You do have other relatives who would love to be taste-testers.....but we can't come by uninvited....since water is not "my cuppa tea"...get it!!

swampthings said...

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I'm buying one just for the awesome tin!

LahTeaDah said...

To the Mysterious Aunt's comment...You'd be more than welcome to come univited and I will upgrade you to the bottom shelf.... which at the moment I dont have since I seem to love most everything Ive tried so technically means you will get bumped to the top shelf... so come come come on by!!!! Tea will be waiting.

Yours Truly

LahTeaDah said...

Hey SwapThings... I'm glad you like it. I would be holding back on you if I didnt tell you that a little bit of the reason I love their product so much is their packaging. Its dne so well - the tins they are so fancy and fun. They look great on the Tea Shelf and when Guests come over it looks so classy! I urge you to guy one of everything from Boston Tea Company... Go Go Go!!!

Yours Truly

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