Friday, July 16, 2010

Gettin' Tipsy Tea

After hours upon hours upon hours - I've finally got my hands on 4 cases of the Bliss-Berry Fermented Tea. Don't think that just because I got so many cases this means I will share, cuz that assumption is false!

This Tipsy Tea is all mine!

Yesterday in the local Metro News their was an article on a Company which made Fermented Tea, Katalyst Kombucha. Will Savitri, maker behind the Fermented Tea, is being looked into by regulators in Massachusetts with concerns that the Bliss-Berry Fermented Tea needs to be regulated as an alcoholic beverage. Some bottles of the Fermented Tea have more than 0.5% Alcohol.

I wasn't much of a boozer before, BUT if you bring Tea into the mix.... I just might be a fan! I thought I would return to the Blogging Scene with a Big Bang! And by Big Bang I mean Drunk and Stumbling... Woo Hoo Katalyst Kombucha.....way to make me no longer feel pain from this horrible horrible Flu.

Yours Truly

PS: My intentions this weekend is to complete the missing 3 reviews from my trek into Campbell River for a Family Shin-dig that ended in a Family Tea Tasting. Watch out for it Lads!

Will Savitri, owner of Katalyst Kombucha fermented tea, holds up a bottle of his Bliss-Berry fermented tea in one of his refrigerated storage units at the Katalyst Kombucha company in Greenfield, Mass.

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