Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ding Dong....Another Package has Arrived!

A "surprise" package has arrived from my good friends at Art of Tea on Thursday last week.

I tell you, I have grown quite close with one of their Staff Members and I honestly think that maybe... just maybe, we were cut out of the same cloth. It's pretty amazing actually. You know when you meet someone that you feel so connected to? From driven personal success to life aspirations to even inside humor. Sad that we are so far apart and probably a rare chance of ever actually meeting in person. 

Its crazy really. And by "crazy" I mean Fantastic. She is really quite Fabulous! Thanks Snow, for my next weeks sipping experience - your a Gem!

The package included loads of Tea, Steeping Instructional Cards and of course a exciting hand written note to the one...the Life is Good!

Stay tuned next week for some Art of Tea Reviews!!!

Yours Truly

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