Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Surprise...Happy Birthday...Now let's drink Tea!

I went away this weekend. "Wait...What??!!??".... I know I know, I went away without notification. It felt horrible, trust me. It felt like that time I accidentally dated best friends at once and failed to advise them. And by accidentally I mean on purpose. If I would have know they were so close, I wouldn't have taken the risky chance of dating them together in the same week! 

But really, I couldn't tell you! One of my avid readers (Andrea Knowles) didn't know I was making the trek out to visit them - it was a party planned in her honor, a Surprise 30th Birthday! Now that the surprise is over, I can tell you! See......so really its not that bad, I had full intentions on advising you later - so its much less no where near as bad as my accidental on purpose dating disaster..... right??!!??

My Auntie Doris and Cousin, Carmen Jayne planned the most amazing Hawaiian Party behind my Cousins (their Daughter and Cousin), Andrea's back. Have I confused you all yet? I'm pretty sure I'm lost at this point - so I hope you are! Which ever the case maybe, the Event was Fabulous from the Roasted Pork on the BBQ to the Games inspired by "Minute to Win it" all the way down to the Blue Hawaiian and Pina Colada Cupcakes. They seriously knocked it out of the park.

I had my camera in hand the ENTIRE weekend. I know I know, hold your gasps.....Tairalyn with a Camera...No Way! For those of you who don't know, I was born with a Camera in hand. My mother, Patricia, has been deemed the "Patparazzi" by all our family, from her picture taking escapades ....So never the less between myself and my mother we got shots from every angle, whether it was their best or not.

BUT WAIT...I wouldn't be posting about this IF their wasn't Tea involved some way, some how!

Sunday Morning before we headed back on the road for destination "slowest form of transportation alive" best known as B.C. Ferries, we had a Tea Tasting. And by "we" I mean my whole family! Seriously......I'm not kidding - In order for us all to par-take, some sipped from cups, some from ultra mini mugs and others from round ceramic bowls, anything to do it all together. We made Tasting Notes on Three Tea's that I received last week from Art of Tea and One that I was a little afraid of, from Boston Tea Company.
Yes again..... Proof my family ROCKS!

I will post each day from today on until the end of the week (all closing comments will be made from my own thoughts to ensure my readers are getting still ample conclusions to this Tea from myself) - In no specific order, and of course to humor you all - stay tuned for OUR first Tea Tasting Notes from the weekend!

Yours Truly

The Cement Banner

Carmen Jayne awaiting Andrea's arrival...10 minutes late, however she's allowed 5 minutes for herself and 5 minutes for Summer (here baby girl) - apparently this is a rule of thumb for women. Good to know....thank you Carmen for this tip!

First "minute to win it" inspired game. Hula your balls (ping pong balls) out of the box that was strapped to their back. First to get the balls out of their box, wins! Was pretty much a comedy show for us spectators.

My sister, Shanalisa and I

Second "minute to win it" inspired game. Aftering wrapping a set of nylons around your waste that hung with coconuts inside, your hands on your hips, swing and hit your ball into a hoola hoop across the driveway. First to get their ball inside the hoop wins!

Knocking coconuts for good luck

Auntie Janie and I

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jayna Bussiere said...

You and your family are always up to something fun....guess who's jealous?!

...ME! :P

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