Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea-Rex ...What??!!??

Now that's some scary....probably uninvited company!

I'm pretty sure I could make a safe bet on the kind of Tea that Mr. Tea-Rex here would be sipping on.... I definitely think he'd be throwing back a Black Tea and more specifically a Bombay Chai no doubt.... something Spicy and Bold yet Yummy and Warm to sooth his human eating tendencies! Tea-Rex is no doubt a un-invited Tea Party Guest at my house... so for him, he only gets water from me!!!!

PS: Thanks to my brother, Dustin, who randomly sent this to me in an e-mail - gotta love when family starts sending you images to inspire your future posts :)...... again, I've got the best family eva!

Yours Truly


swampthings said...

Greatest dinosaur post ever!

Anonymous said...

If you like this, you'll definitely love the Tea-Rex Tea pink, yellow, orange. I have pink and I love him!

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