Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea puts Dementia down for the count!

Normally on the weekends I don't do much blogging only because my life is pretty scripted, by choice. Friday Evenings we normally get home to either relax and have a comfort food dinner or hang out friends who want a low key night. Saturday if my husband doesn't work OT (which during these sunny weekend is far and few in between) we spend the day taking care of our home, from gardening to house cleaning to renovations. Sunday comes and we normally have a morning visit from my father-in-law, making some sorta fancy breakfast and then spend the day Grocery Shopping. I know I know, Your thinking how the heck does one Grocery Shops all day? We split our Grocery Shopping to 3 separate locations, Our Organic Meat Market our Fruit Market and our Grocery Mart - and this my friends - is why it takes us so long.

I did get a chance to browse through my fellow favorite bloggers this morning and noticed this very interesting post. Thanks Heaven of Tea  for this post and fabulous information I am able to share with my readers. To read the complete article please click here.

As if I needed a reason before to consume more Tea.... Good thing I made some Ice Tea Popsicles this weekend (posting to follow) - 8:52am means nothing, it's hot damn it - that should give me reasons enough to be eating one this early.

Yours Truly

Improved living and diet habits — including lots of physical activity, regular tea-drinking and sufficient vitamin D levels — could reduce the risk of brain decline, according to three studies presented Sunday.

"These are encouraging," says William Thies, chief medical and scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association. "These types of studies make people think, 'Well gosh, maybe I can do something about this disease.' "

The studies were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Honolulu.

One of the studies is from the Framingham, Mass., cardiovascular risk study, in which researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, among others, tracked more than 1,200 elderly people over 20 years, 242 of whom developed dementia.

In a second study, including data on more than 4,800 men and women ages 65 and older, participants were followed for up to 14 years. Tea drinkers had less mental decline than non-tea drinkers. Those who drank tea one to four times a week had average annual rates of decline 37% lower than people who didn't drink tea.

Coffee didn't show any influence except at the highest levels of consumption, researchers say. Author Lenore Arab of UCLA says, "Interestingly, the observed associations are unlikely to be related to caffeine, which is present in coffee at levels two to three times higher than in tea."

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