Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Passionfruit Jasmine

....and I'm back. Still with a voice that sounds of a 40 year veteran smoker, however Fever Free and my Nose has come to the conclusion that running was only fun for a short while. Yeah! Time to get back at 'er!

So as promised, I still have 3 Tea's from my "Family Tea Tasting" that I have to iform you all of. To refresh your memories, I was in Campbell River for my Cousin's Surprise 30th Birthday, planned by my ever so talented Cousin and Aunt (I'm so proud - If I were still in the market of Planning Wedding's, I'd for sure hire them). The following morning after the party, all gathered at my Auntie and Uncle's House which formed into a Tea Tasting. We completed 4 Tea Tastings with full notes contributed by all. Guests ranged from 7 to 10 per Tasting, all depending on who's attention span actually lasted the 5 minute steep time.

Yours Truly

Tea Company: Art of Tea

Tea NamePassionfruit Jasmine
Select black tea and green tea, jasmine blossoms, and passionfruit essence. A long lasting, sweet flavor and astounding aroma that carries well hot and as a refreshing iced tea. This Passionfruit Jasmine tea won the Judges' Top Prize First Place at the Best Iced Tea Competition in Dallas, Texas in 2007.

Tea Type: Black & Green

Tea Tasting Location: Auntie Doris & Uncle Dave's Kitchen Table. 

Tea Accompaniments: The Honey Clover Spoon by Boston Tea Company. Everyone's thoughts were the same, it smelt like a Tea that required a little dolup of Honey. So low and behold, out comes the ever so loved Honey Spoon from Boston Tea Company. Seriously I'm sure I made a believer out of all of my family with regards to the Honey Spoon, pretty certain they are the Honey Spoons biggest fans! Job well done Boston Tea

Leave Rating
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Andrea (my cousin): 3.5
Jennyfer (my sister-in-law): 4
Dustin (my brother): 3.17
Janie (my aunt): 4
Carmen Jayne (my cousin): 4
Nana Carmen (i think its self explanatory): 4
Christopher (my cousin): 4
Paul (my dad): 3.5

Tairalyn: 4.4

Liquor Color: A Royal combination of Gold with Brown undertones, Golden Honey, Amber with a watery looking rim (my sister in law always comes up with the fabulous descriptions. I'm pretty sure its because she is so passionate about Tea like me, oh yeah and it might have something to do with the fact that she is a professional wine sommellier - just maybe).

Aroma: Jasmine, Lavender, A berry of some sort...possibly Raspberry, A Red Skinned Berry, Currants, Wild Flower, "It reminded me of Oatmeal...the Peaches and Cream Flavor....Mmm Mmm Mmm".

Taste: Malty Black Tea, Jasmine, Bitter Sweet, No Acidity but great flavor with bitter end notes.

Comments: Long story short I need a bigger Top Shelf. I am adding new favorite  on a daily basis it feels. This one here, the Passionfruit Jasmine, isn't an acception, it goes up on the top with the rest of my favorites to enjoy time and time again.

After reading the Label, I was very happy to see that the Passionfruit Jasmine, which I asuumed would be a Green or White Tea was in fact a Black. I think its a perfect accompaniment to a summer evening on the patio, with Fruity Floral Aroma's and a hearty Black Tea Taste, I couldn't ask for anything more. Now.....If I could only have that Patio completed that I have been dreaming about! I guess, I'm pushing it, seeings as I am sitting in a house at the moment with the flooring half done that I had asked for, awaiting its completion. "One at a time Tairalyn, one at a time!" the ever so famous words of my husband! Now......where is I Dream of Jeannie and, her stupid magical blinking ways when I need her?

In goes the Water......

Out comes the Aroma.....Dustin getting all professional on us, wafting the air, trying to give his thoughts on the Aroma of the Passionfruit Jasmine Tea

Of course, me making sure I get just the right shots!

*teehee* our families drug of choice is Caffeine


Dad taking his first sip


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