Friday, July 23, 2010

Fine China with a Stem...

its now officially been added to my DIY Future Projects Folder on my Desktop. Along side a pair of Lace Sunglasses, Vintage Apron and of course a Afternoon Tea Dress.

These neat Tea Glasses were found on the Country Living Magazine Website. I think they are just fabulous and what better than to sip from Fine China then sipping from Fine China that is even that much closer to your mouth - perched up on a Stem. Amen!

Check out how to make them yourself at this link. I will be crafting some sooner rather than later, and of course I will be back to brag to you all once done (and by brag to you all I mean tell you all the fabulou comments I get from fashion haters and or innocet passer-bys). 

However..... if someone gets the heart to make some before me... please send me an e-mail with photos - I'd love to share them with all my readers!

I shall leave you with the other items I mentioned above in the DIY Future Projects file that sits on my Desktop... waiting patiently for me to make some time.

Yours Truly

My ever so useless but ever so sexy "Lace Sunglasses"

The "I am so cute while I bake" Apron that all women should have in their Tea-Towel Drawer 

The "its better to be over than under dressed" Afternoon Tea Dress that I just must have!

1 comment:

swampthings said...

I'm very excited to see how your cups turn out. These are super cool!

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