Friday, July 09, 2010

Sicker than a Dog

Sadly, Tea will not be the cure this time.

Strep Throat, The Flu and a Cold - I sure know how to have fun during this dreaded Summer Heat Wave. I can't seem to keep my temperature under 100 - and therefore I can't use Tea as a cure all this time. I spend my days consuming rolls and rolls of extra soft Toilet Paper for my Nose, who thinks Running beats Walking any day and bathing in a bathtub of cold life is far from glamorous at the moment :( Sorry for my lack of posting however I plan to be back up on my feet come Monday.

Yours Truly



swampthings said...

Get better soon, my friend.

Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Feel better, rest and let Sammy take care of you my little sickie friend!

Jayna Bussiere said...

boooo!! I dont like hearing that you're sick!
:( If you've got a fever, you can always try making ICED tea!!!


*big hugs*


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