Friday, July 02, 2010

1 Teacup, 2 Teacups, 3 Teacups, 4.....

The more my Teacup Family grows, the more convinced I am my husbands advise of officially changing my name to Grandma Mildred, is in fact a smart investment.

Over the past 2 weeks I've added a good handful of Teacups to my porcelain skinned family. Three of which I adopted from an Estate Sale a few block from my Home. I paid a hefty adoption fee of $2.50 for these heavenly babies, however I'd say that was a pretty good investment. My Mama came by last week and brought me Three of her beauties that had been sitting pretty in her "hope chest" all these years. Dusted off, Cleaned up and now getting cozy with the rest of the bunch. However my most prized possession at the moment is definitely the Teacup that was given to me from Miss Jennifer Kirk. Tell me its not a work of art.....Nobody drinks from this other than moi and Mama Dukes.... and maybe Jennifer, I mean she did get it for me and all. Oh Fine!! Consider this a voucher for use Miss Kirk. Expires yesterday :)

Until my next adoption kick.......My family as of today stands at 13 Teacups and 1 Teapot.

Yours Truly

One of the babies hidden in the "Hope Chest" - Survivor #1

One of my Estate Sale Adoptions. Didn't manage to find the matching Saucer however I wasn't about to make a scene to Grandma Nelly - At $0.50 each, I held back my inner Mariah Carey - It just wasnt the place or time.
"Hope Chest" Survivor #2

Drum Roll Please
The One....The Only....

The Teacup that makes Mona Lisa look of Elementary Art


Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Well, yeah, it sure does look pretty awesome in this photo! Glad you love it so!

swampthings said...

You are obsessed! This is awesome!

LahTeaDah said...

I am obsessed! however it could be worst could be vintage men that I couldnt get enuf of and well one of us could go to jail for that. So lets just chalf this up as a hobby! Deal?

cressa said...

I love art of tea. I am actually one of the judges for a new tea they are putting out.

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