Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taste of Motherhood

{Photo Credit: www.weheartit.com}

This morning was defiantly one I can chalk up in my books of Martha-Stewart in training. My sister had asked me last week if I would give her a hand with her boys this morning while she attended a class she needed to complete for her CGA.

I have to be honest, I was a little worried that this so called skill that I thought {and hoped} I had, may not be there to pull its a-game, leaving me with no hope as a "Martha-Stewart" mother that I urn to be one day. I know right? Its pretty sad - I have reached for high goals in mother-hood! I seriously think I was born to be a mother. As a child I didn't have much for career dreams, but more so mother, children and family dreams. Call me crazy!

So this morning my tasks were the following:

4:45am | Wake-up
5:00am | Make the Husbands Lunch for work
5:15am | Eat Breakfast {mini wheats}
5:35am | See the Husband out the door {turning on all the available lights outside to scare any bears away - this is no joke, we have had bears in the neighbourhood the last 3 weeks}
5:45am | Shower & Beautify myself
6:30am | Leave the house to the Sisters
7:15am | Arrival at the Sister House
7:15am - 8:20am |  PLAY Equally with my nephews B&C {lego with B and help C design his birthday present t-shirt on Wordans
8:20am | Depart the Sisters House & Head to School
8:35am | Drop B&C at School
8:40am | Depart School & Head to Work
9:00am | Be at my desk.... looking like I haven't just ran a marathon

And... let me tell you - I did it with style, class and ease.... and of course with a cup of tea in hand! 

With acceptance of this Mini-Martha-Stewart Award, I would like to thank my sister for believing in me and letting me practice with my nephews. I want to thank Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP {we speak no americano} for accompanying us to school today while we danced in our seats. I want to thank Boston Tea Company for keeping me cool, calm and collect at all times with a cup of steaming hot Bombay Chai Black Tea...oh and I can't forget Avon, thank you for hanging you Lock & Chain Purse off my shoulder and making me ever so chic.

Yours Truly

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I sit and wait....

Pretty sure If I could take the next week off work to just sit at the door and wait for Mr. Canada Post to arrive at the door - I would! I have placed my order for the following Purse and cannot WAIT to get my hot little hands on it {and by hands I mean shoulder}.

My first purse with Chain Straps and better yet my first purse that isn't Black, Navy, Brown or White. I know right??!!?? Stepping outside the box....Pretty sure you all will be seeing this the NEXT Fashion Friday.

Just thought I would tease you {and me for that matter} while we/I wait.

PS: The bag also comes in Chocolate Brown with Gold Chain Link, If you would like to buy one - Just ask :) I'm your girl (aka Avon Representative)

Yours Truly

{Avon | Lock & Chain Bag | Color: Salmon | Price: $38.00}

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Damn you Rain!

Today's outfit I wasn't terribly happy with. I started out in my Olive Green Lace Skirt with my Denim Snap Button Shirt and Tan Belt - however with the rain pouring down I thought that would sure look silly when taking pictures... not just in my own head but all the hundreds of people around the office building I work in that are in clear view of my "wanna-be fashion show"... So I changed. Stuck with something Faithful, but a little lacking in lusting factor. And then, come red carpet time, it clears up, figures! Sorry - but this is going to have to suffice this Friday :(

I am heading away this weekend to a Family Affair.....Same location as the Surprise Hawaiian Luau, however this time its for my Nana's 85th Birthday. Looking forward to Family Fun, Laughter, and hopefully a little shopping :) Its going to be short and sweet, leaving Saturday AM arriving back home Sunday Afternoon.... however I plan to make the best of it.

....and maybe, just maybe I might have a post from that Event too! Have a fabulous weekend!

PS: We are up to 14 Followers now, we make it to another 6 to join our clan {for a total of 20} and I will do my first ever contest! Forward to your friends and have them hop on the "Lah Tea Dah" Bandwagon!

Yours Truly


 | Suzy Shier {from 10 seasons gone by. Seriously - I used to work there THAT long ago - then again, I never really thought - I have kept it in pretty good shape - damn it - it's pretty much Vintage}

Shirt | Joe Fresh {from last season - no longer for sale - purchased for $18.00}
Bottoms | Target - Mossimo Slouchy Skinny Premium Denim Jeans {buy here for $29.99}
Shoes |  Suzy Shier - Studded Trim Pewter Pumps {on clearance last season for $6.00}
Belt | Vintage {The VV Boutique}
Purse | Coach {birthday gift from the husband - purchased for $400.00}
Necklace | Vintage DIY {bought vintage keys from a shop down antique alley and put them on a silver chain - simple as cherry pie}
Hair Band | Left-over Wedding Ribbon DIY {didn't want it to go to waste}

* Sorry, not much different from last Friday, however you have to hand it to me, I switched up the conditioner!

Step 1 - rinsed with hot water

Step 2 - conditioned with Pantene Pro-V's Curly Hair Conditioner
Step 3 - rinsed with cold water {sealing all the goodness into the hair shaft}
Step 4 - "hand picked" through Mane n' Tail Conditioner
Step 5 - "glossed over and scrunched" through Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Sculpting Gel

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Post: Say What Mama??!!??

{photo credit thanks to www.weheartit.com; Thamires Grandino}

So...my mama dukes came back from her lunch this afternoon carrying in hand 2 Starbucks Cups {yes I know, she is the BEST}. One for herself...Grande, Extra Hot, No Foam, Latte and for moi a Grande, Tai Chi Latte. Yes that's right folks...."slow-mo exercises" served HOT!

Of course, I giggled, and asked again what it was for clarification purposes, and her response was "a Tai Chi Latte?". I should have advised her that Tai Chi isn't quite known for its steeping abilities but more so as a "old man move slow" exercises regiment.

I advised her that it's actually just called a "Chai Latte" and that "Tai Chi" was an exercise she could see performed by millions of Chinese (and increasingly, old white people) who practice it as a low-impact cardiovascular activity {definition thanks to UrbanDictionary}. Her reply "Ohhhhh! So this would be why the Starbucks Lady laughed at me!"

Yes my friends... my mother is pretty much the best thing since the combination of Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing!

Yours Truly

Chocolate Tasting Notes: Black Masala Chai

My very merry un-birthday party has come and gone, however the presents still seem to be lingering. Thanks to my favoritest sister in the world, Shanalisa, who gave me two fabulous Tea Infused Chocolate Bars from The Tea Room. They say a mother knows you best however I am pretty sure my sister knows me pretty darn good. {which by the way she has mentioned she wants to do "Sister Sunday" on my blog where she will come on each and every Sunday and be a Guest Poster, both with Fashion and Tea Reviews! Don't you all think that would be fun? Post your comments and coax her to come and join the blogging band wagon}

Today's review was done last night - curled up in my pj's with the husband, while we taunted, laughed, and of course screamed at the season finale of the "Bachelor Pad". My husband and I have been couple obsessed over this damn show. We PVR it each Monday night so that we don't have to wait until later in the evening to watch it and lets be honest, fast forwarding through the commercials is pretty much my favorite thing to do these days.   

A little upset with the verdict and who won, however I don't want to put any details. The husband fell asleep before the bloody conclusion and I wouldn't want to ruin it for him in case he reads this before tonight's second playing.

Okay...now back to things that happen in "real" life... Like eating Chocolate, and LOTS of it!

Tea Chocolate Company: The Tea Room

Chocolate Name: Black Masala Chai
*Indulge your palate....with an exquisite medley of flavors; Premium Organic Milk, Chocolate from Europe, Organic Masala Chai Tea from India, and a variety of "warm spices" from all over the world.

Chocolate Type: Organic Milk Chocolate

Savoring Location: On my comfy cozy couch - laughing at the way Kovax and Elizabeth made Kate Gosselin look like a Dancing Queen.

Chocolate Accompaniments: A cuppa Art of TeasEarl Grey Creme {accompanied with some cream and sugar...of course}

Chocolate Rating: 4.7
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Aroma: Soft and Sweet, Milky, Spice afternotes of Cardamom or possibly Clove

Taste: Smooth, Milky Chocolate, a hint of Soft Cinnamon with a definite touch of Cardamom.

Comments: I don't know {honestly} what I love more about this chocolate. The packaging it came in or the milky smooth taste. I shall chalk it up as an equal love.... A must purchase for any Chocolate Lover let alone Tea Lover.

Yours Truly

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Dear Anthropologie,

I have never met you before, nor have I ever been close to a piece of clothing from any seasons gone by. I have just recently heard of you from all these lovely fashion bloggers that I am starting to slowly gather and follow.

You pretty much are what I dream about nightly, and how I wish that my husband would love you as much as I - so that when I come home from an Anthro-filled-day he will smile at the bill and gladly go pay!

Let's meet up tonight after cookies and milk ..... and if I may ask, please bring along the following friends:

Dagmar Shirtdress {buy it here for $148}

Alma Mater Jacket {buy it here for $158}

Flamente Dress {buy it here for $198}

Bowtied-Beauty Boots {buy it here for $248}

Peppered & Striped Skirt {buy it here for $128}

Cream Confection Jacket {buy it here for $178}

PS: Anthro, If it can only be one, please let it be the dreamy Dagmar Shirtdress, she really makes my heart skip a beat!

Yours Truly

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday: Snap Button & Studs

I have been more than inspired each day, by the ever so amazing {and equally as gorgeous} Fashion Bloggers that I have stumbled across over the past 2 months. Just to name a few, and seriously I mean a few, I honestly think I follow more Fashion Blogs than I do Tea Blog...

...love Maegan | http://www.lovemaegan.com/
Little Chief Honeybee | http://www.honeybeeinthecity.blogspot.com/
The Chloe Conspiracy | http://www.thechloeconspiracy.com/
Cupcakes & Cashmere | http://www.cupcakesandcashmere.com/
Breakfast at Gigi's | http://www.breakfastatgigis.blogspot.com/
The Look 4 Less | http://www.thelook4less.net/
Fashion Banana's | http://www.fashionbananas.com/
What I Wore | http://www.whatiwore.tumblr.com/
The Budget Babe | http://www.thebudgetbabe.com/
Pretty Shiny Sparkly | http://www.prettyshinysparkly.com/
I Am Style-ish | http://www.iamstyle-ish.com/
Ashley Getting Dressed | www.ashleygettingdressed.blogspot.com
Tricia's Take | www.tricias-take.blogspot.com
The Fashionista Next Door | www.ifeluvsu.blogspot.com
The Frugalista Diaries | www.thefrugalistadiaries.blogspot.com

These Ladies... make me love getting dressed every morning. I have always had a great love and desire for Fashion. Through High School I actually had full intentions on taking Fashion School after graduation...however Event Planning found me and the role of a Wedding Planner I soon took at rip age of 19. 

My love for clothing, accessories, shoes and of course purses has never been so grand since discovering these gorgeous beauties and their blogs! I had no idea their was people out their as crazy about their attire as I was. Yes Mother...your right...you do learn something everyday. Okay, Okay...Chalk it up (1 for you and 0 for me).

I design and make a great deal of my Hair Accessories {as you have seen here} and have printed and stored many DIY Accessories that I have full intension on making in the near future (as soon as my Craft Room is back in order after Renovations). ...love Maegan, I am pretty sure I have printed off ALL your DIY Fashion Accessories you have on your blog. Thanks for being so dang crafty!

I have been pondering this addition to my Blog for a good month now, however what has seem to seal the deal comes all thanks to my girl Eboni Ife at The Fashionista Next Door. I won a Contest she was having for a Free Pair of Jeans from Old Navy (thank you again Eboni for that) ... I went out, got my Jeans {Women's Skinny Cords; which you can buy here} that I love and adore just as much as my Creamy Earl Grey (for those of you who know me, that's a pretty grand statement to make). And so here I am....Let this be the first  of many Fashion Fridays!!

PS: I don't know how I will take criticism; ask my husband and he will say "not very lady-like", however I do know that with a blog comes good and bad remarks. I hope that my viewers stick to the quote we all know and love...."if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all".

PPS: However, if someone would like to make a suggestion about what I should/could/would look divine in, please don't hesitate to comment below! I find sometimes I can live inside the fashion box and moving outside it may take a little time. However I have every desire to one day feel confident in the combo of polka dots and stripes or better yet lace and denim. Wow - I said it... that's the first step to recovery I think... isn't it Miss Ife? I bought the Denim and the Lace....the next step is wearing them together. Seems so easy, doesn't it?!?

Yours Truly


Inner Shirt | Forever21 {from 2 seasons gone by; purchased for $12.00}
Outter Shirt | Fred Meyer {not sold online; purchased for $29.00}
Bottoms | Old Navy - Skinny Cords {buy here for $39.50}
Shoes | Suzy Shier - Studded Trim Bootie {buy here for $40.00}
Belt | Fred Meyer {not sold online; purchased for $12.00}
Bangles | Charlotte Russe - Enamel & Woven Bangle Set {buy here for $6.50 }
Necklace | Charlotte Russe - Vintage Key Ring Necklace {no longer sold - couldn't find anything similar; purchased for $6.50}


Step 1 - rinsed with hot water
Step 2 - conditioned with Mane n' Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner
Step 3 - rinsed with cold water {sealing all the goodness into the hair shaft
Step 4 - "hand picked" through Mane n' Tail Conditioner
Step 5 - "glossed over and scrunched" through Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Sculpting Gel

* I only shampoo my hair twice a week {as its extremely drying to curly hair} - and today wasn't one of those days

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: London Cuppa

I received this Tea from a dear friend of mine, Jennifer Kirk. She knows me from the inside out...she started as a business professional I respected and trusted, to a fabulous friend, to my Wedding Photographer, to now one of my very best Girl Friends. She knows very well of my love for Tea (however she has yet to become a "follower" of Lah Tea Dah *cough*cough*) and reads my Blog quite often. When she gave me The London Cuppa Loose Tea Leaves for my Birthday, is surprised me none, but made me more than happy to rip it open.

I chose to review The London Cuppa on behalf of Miss Kirk... and for the simple fact that the photo's turned out just divine! Ha Ha Ha - sorry Jenn, but the truth will always come out.

Tea Company: The London Cuppa

Tea Name: London Cuppa (No - I did not studder...This company seems to be as wordy as Paris Hilton...Lets just hope that they don't try their fate with singing and acting - we all know how that story ends!)

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: My newly painted Home (thought I would throw that in there - it's pretty much our Dream House now, color and all)

Tea Accompaniments: A Splash of Cream and an overflowing teaspoon of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.3
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Shimmery Golden Yellow with clear edges

Aroma: Malty, Strong, Bold and Bitter (wait a minute! Is this a description of the scent of a London Cuppa or a Personals Ad written by George Hamilton)

After that last comment I almost feel dirty making remarks on its taste.....Forgive me father, for I have sinned....

Taste: Smooth, Malt-like, Suttle yet Bold...pretty much the perfect combo for a standard Black Tea. Nothing too strong, nothing too fancy... the perfect brew to please any any old Black Tea Desire.

* Sorry, however this post didnt get a shot of me sipping (insert tears here). However while sipping this lovely brew I was far less than picture worthy... Bambi Pajamas, Hair doing everything but obeying and make-up still in the make-up kit. You will thank me for this missing image, I promise!
The newest addition to my Collection of Pots. The ever so gorgeous Tea Pot with Warming Stand. My Mum brought it back for me from my Nana's House 2 weeks ago. Her exact words were "take it, if your going to use it"! Well then, if that's the case...may I please remove that Black Alaskan Diamond Ring from your cute little finger Nana - I've been eyeing it since I was 6?

Thanks to Katy (my best) and my Mama Dukes for the Tea Bags! Thanks Ladies!

I don't know what I love more. The Darling new Tea Pot or my Gorgeous Husband in the background? Heck! I'll keep 'em both, either way!

The newest addition to my Adopted Tea Cups. Miss Katy (aka The Cheshire Cat) bought me for my birthday. I'd have to say it is the BEST Tea Cup I own for sipping from. It has this perfect little lip on the edge of the glass that fits my kissers' so perfectly. Thanks Hun!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

20 Followers = Contests

(photo thanks to www.weheartit.com)

A mere mini post today - But don'tchu worry, tomorrow their will be a Tea Review (Hint Hint - London Cuppa - Nudge Nudge).

I have set myself my very first Blog GOAL...the "20 Followers Goal".
I have a deep desire to get to 20 Followers (aka Lovers of me) ...and once this magical number has been reached - I am excited to announce I will do my very first contest. I want to start off with a BANG, so your not going to want to miss it! Trust you me!

So I ask you all - whom ever if a Lover of Tea, Baking, Fashion and of course ME....Forward my blog on to all or if your not yourself already... become a followers. Help me reach my Blog Goal, you'll be happy you did :)

Once the contests start - they will only continue and get better from their on out!

Yours Truly

Monday, September 06, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Party

I made you wait long enough... I'm sure of it!
The actual fact is I have finally figured out how to collage them so that I can put a larger group of photos on without this post being as long as Donald Trumps "Man Bangs" (that he created a bump-it effect with) ... Jeeze!

So I have been planning my Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Party now going on 3 months. It has finally come and gone and by-golly I would say it was the BEST Un-Birthday Tea Party around. With my very closest friends and family invited... the party was intimate yet competitive when it came to Queen of Hearts Croquet. I always find when Prizes are involved it can get pretty intense. With the Winners being Tweedle Dee (aka Carmen Jayne) and Miss Kirk (the one who took the shots below www.jenniferkirkphotography.com)...I'd say it was well deserved! 

The Tea Menu went on for days... thanks to Boston Tea Company and Art of Tea. As for the Dainty Food Menu it sounded a little like this:

Tea Sandwiches
Prosciutto & Fig Butter
Cucumber & Cream Cheese
Chicken Currey Salad
Raisin, Goat Cheese and Pecans

Loafs, Scones & Sweets
Mini Banana Bread Loafs
Raisin Scones with Devonshire Cream and Jam
Fresh Fruit
Jelly Belly
Tweedle Dee Birthday Cake
Mushroom Cupcakes

No wonder I'm an Event Planner for a living... this type of stuff runs through my bones and blood. Just looking at the photos makes me all gitty again!


Yours Truly

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