Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chocolate Tasting Notes: Black Masala Chai

My very merry un-birthday party has come and gone, however the presents still seem to be lingering. Thanks to my favoritest sister in the world, Shanalisa, who gave me two fabulous Tea Infused Chocolate Bars from The Tea Room. They say a mother knows you best however I am pretty sure my sister knows me pretty darn good. {which by the way she has mentioned she wants to do "Sister Sunday" on my blog where she will come on each and every Sunday and be a Guest Poster, both with Fashion and Tea Reviews! Don't you all think that would be fun? Post your comments and coax her to come and join the blogging band wagon}

Today's review was done last night - curled up in my pj's with the husband, while we taunted, laughed, and of course screamed at the season finale of the "Bachelor Pad". My husband and I have been couple obsessed over this damn show. We PVR it each Monday night so that we don't have to wait until later in the evening to watch it and lets be honest, fast forwarding through the commercials is pretty much my favorite thing to do these days.   

A little upset with the verdict and who won, however I don't want to put any details. The husband fell asleep before the bloody conclusion and I wouldn't want to ruin it for him in case he reads this before tonight's second playing.

Okay...now back to things that happen in "real" life... Like eating Chocolate, and LOTS of it!

Tea Chocolate Company: The Tea Room

Chocolate Name: Black Masala Chai
*Indulge your palate....with an exquisite medley of flavors; Premium Organic Milk, Chocolate from Europe, Organic Masala Chai Tea from India, and a variety of "warm spices" from all over the world.

Chocolate Type: Organic Milk Chocolate

Savoring Location: On my comfy cozy couch - laughing at the way Kovax and Elizabeth made Kate Gosselin look like a Dancing Queen.

Chocolate Accompaniments: A cuppa Art of TeasEarl Grey Creme {accompanied with some cream and sugar...of course}

Chocolate Rating: 4.7
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Aroma: Soft and Sweet, Milky, Spice afternotes of Cardamom or possibly Clove

Taste: Smooth, Milky Chocolate, a hint of Soft Cinnamon with a definite touch of Cardamom.

Comments: I don't know {honestly} what I love more about this chocolate. The packaging it came in or the milky smooth taste. I shall chalk it up as an equal love.... A must purchase for any Chocolate Lover let alone Tea Lover.

Yours Truly

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