Tuesday, September 07, 2010

20 Followers = Contests

(photo thanks to www.weheartit.com)

A mere mini post today - But don'tchu worry, tomorrow their will be a Tea Review (Hint Hint - London Cuppa - Nudge Nudge).

I have set myself my very first Blog GOAL...the "20 Followers Goal".
I have a deep desire to get to 20 Followers (aka Lovers of me) ...and once this magical number has been reached - I am excited to announce I will do my very first contest. I want to start off with a BANG, so your not going to want to miss it! Trust you me!

So I ask you all - whom ever if a Lover of Tea, Baking, Fashion and of course ME....Forward my blog on to all or if your not yourself already... become a followers. Help me reach my Blog Goal, you'll be happy you did :)

Once the contests start - they will only continue and get better from their on out!

Yours Truly

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