Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Post: Say What Mama??!!??

{photo credit thanks to www.weheartit.com; Thamires Grandino}

So...my mama dukes came back from her lunch this afternoon carrying in hand 2 Starbucks Cups {yes I know, she is the BEST}. One for herself...Grande, Extra Hot, No Foam, Latte and for moi a Grande, Tai Chi Latte. Yes that's right folks...."slow-mo exercises" served HOT!

Of course, I giggled, and asked again what it was for clarification purposes, and her response was "a Tai Chi Latte?". I should have advised her that Tai Chi isn't quite known for its steeping abilities but more so as a "old man move slow" exercises regiment.

I advised her that it's actually just called a "Chai Latte" and that "Tai Chi" was an exercise she could see performed by millions of Chinese (and increasingly, old white people) who practice it as a low-impact cardiovascular activity {definition thanks to UrbanDictionary}. Her reply "Ohhhhh! So this would be why the Starbucks Lady laughed at me!"

Yes my friends... my mother is pretty much the best thing since the combination of Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing!

Yours Truly


Ife' said...

haha! love it! such a cute story. You are an excellent writer...

... and that bag!!! fabulous...

Great photo, and I love the fashion + tea vibe you've got going...it's working out quite well!

Eboni Ife'

LahTeaDah said...

Isnt that just priceless! I wish I had an iphone this way I coulda recorded it and posted a video on the blog. Darn It!

Thanks for the kind words Eboni....I am really loving this new combination I have created. I think its the best work I've done....considering this is the ONLY work I've done {minor details that just don't matter} teehee

Yours Truly

Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

TeeHee Mama Dukes... LOVE it!

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