Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: London Cuppa

I received this Tea from a dear friend of mine, Jennifer Kirk. She knows me from the inside out...she started as a business professional I respected and trusted, to a fabulous friend, to my Wedding Photographer, to now one of my very best Girl Friends. She knows very well of my love for Tea (however she has yet to become a "follower" of Lah Tea Dah *cough*cough*) and reads my Blog quite often. When she gave me The London Cuppa Loose Tea Leaves for my Birthday, is surprised me none, but made me more than happy to rip it open.

I chose to review The London Cuppa on behalf of Miss Kirk... and for the simple fact that the photo's turned out just divine! Ha Ha Ha - sorry Jenn, but the truth will always come out.

Tea Company: The London Cuppa

Tea Name: London Cuppa (No - I did not studder...This company seems to be as wordy as Paris Hilton...Lets just hope that they don't try their fate with singing and acting - we all know how that story ends!)

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: My newly painted Home (thought I would throw that in there - it's pretty much our Dream House now, color and all)

Tea Accompaniments: A Splash of Cream and an overflowing teaspoon of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.3
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Shimmery Golden Yellow with clear edges

Aroma: Malty, Strong, Bold and Bitter (wait a minute! Is this a description of the scent of a London Cuppa or a Personals Ad written by George Hamilton)

After that last comment I almost feel dirty making remarks on its taste.....Forgive me father, for I have sinned....

Taste: Smooth, Malt-like, Suttle yet Bold...pretty much the perfect combo for a standard Black Tea. Nothing too strong, nothing too fancy... the perfect brew to please any any old Black Tea Desire.

* Sorry, however this post didnt get a shot of me sipping (insert tears here). However while sipping this lovely brew I was far less than picture worthy... Bambi Pajamas, Hair doing everything but obeying and make-up still in the make-up kit. You will thank me for this missing image, I promise!
The newest addition to my Collection of Pots. The ever so gorgeous Tea Pot with Warming Stand. My Mum brought it back for me from my Nana's House 2 weeks ago. Her exact words were "take it, if your going to use it"! Well then, if that's the case...may I please remove that Black Alaskan Diamond Ring from your cute little finger Nana - I've been eyeing it since I was 6?

Thanks to Katy (my best) and my Mama Dukes for the Tea Bags! Thanks Ladies!

I don't know what I love more. The Darling new Tea Pot or my Gorgeous Husband in the background? Heck! I'll keep 'em both, either way!

The newest addition to my Adopted Tea Cups. Miss Katy (aka The Cheshire Cat) bought me for my birthday. I'd have to say it is the BEST Tea Cup I own for sipping from. It has this perfect little lip on the edge of the glass that fits my kissers' so perfectly. Thanks Hun!


Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

I'm following now... my bad!!!!
♡ you!

Katy (Best) said...

Ummmm I think you forgot to mention that your brand new tea cup has feet! A trait you spent a year looking for without spending a fortune. And cuppa is universal brit for "care for a cup of tea love?" Walk into any house in the UK and you'll be asked simply "cuppa?" (Except maybe the queen's cause she's way too posh.)

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

LOVe this blog <3


Anonymous said...

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