Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Damn you Rain!

Today's outfit I wasn't terribly happy with. I started out in my Olive Green Lace Skirt with my Denim Snap Button Shirt and Tan Belt - however with the rain pouring down I thought that would sure look silly when taking pictures... not just in my own head but all the hundreds of people around the office building I work in that are in clear view of my "wanna-be fashion show"... So I changed. Stuck with something Faithful, but a little lacking in lusting factor. And then, come red carpet time, it clears up, figures! Sorry - but this is going to have to suffice this Friday :(

I am heading away this weekend to a Family Affair.....Same location as the Surprise Hawaiian Luau, however this time its for my Nana's 85th Birthday. Looking forward to Family Fun, Laughter, and hopefully a little shopping :) Its going to be short and sweet, leaving Saturday AM arriving back home Sunday Afternoon.... however I plan to make the best of it.

....and maybe, just maybe I might have a post from that Event too! Have a fabulous weekend!

PS: We are up to 14 Followers now, we make it to another 6 to join our clan {for a total of 20} and I will do my first ever contest! Forward to your friends and have them hop on the "Lah Tea Dah" Bandwagon!

Yours Truly


 | Suzy Shier {from 10 seasons gone by. Seriously - I used to work there THAT long ago - then again, I never really thought - I have kept it in pretty good shape - damn it - it's pretty much Vintage}

Shirt | Joe Fresh {from last season - no longer for sale - purchased for $18.00}
Bottoms | Target - Mossimo Slouchy Skinny Premium Denim Jeans {buy here for $29.99}
Shoes |  Suzy Shier - Studded Trim Pewter Pumps {on clearance last season for $6.00}
Belt | Vintage {The VV Boutique}
Purse | Coach {birthday gift from the husband - purchased for $400.00}
Necklace | Vintage DIY {bought vintage keys from a shop down antique alley and put them on a silver chain - simple as cherry pie}
Hair Band | Left-over Wedding Ribbon DIY {didn't want it to go to waste}

* Sorry, not much different from last Friday, however you have to hand it to me, I switched up the conditioner!

Step 1 - rinsed with hot water

Step 2 - conditioned with Pantene Pro-V's Curly Hair Conditioner
Step 3 - rinsed with cold water {sealing all the goodness into the hair shaft}
Step 4 - "hand picked" through Mane n' Tail Conditioner
Step 5 - "glossed over and scrunched" through Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Sculpting Gel


Collette Osuna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

I think your outfit turned our really the studded shoes:)

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Ife' said...

sometimes easy does it, and this look is simple but chic. The bow in your hair is all the pizazz you need. super cute!

p.s you have beautiful eyes! meant to say that before.

Eboni Ife'

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

lovely bow (;

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Love the contrast of the little bow and the killer heels!!

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