Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steamy Tuesday - Lady Gaga CelebriTEA Edition

Even if you are not a fan of the "Lady" herself you can appreciate both things that she loves. Tea and Fashion. She struts by the sound of her own beat, all while taking dainty sips from her favorite vintage tea cups. Who needs a "Starbucks to go" cup when you can walk down the streets holding a Tea Cup worth more than the shoes your wearing! Now thats my kinda girl!

I think its quite obvious that I am quite a lover of the Gaga and this would be why she is today's Steamy Tuesday CelebiTEA.... an ode to her love for the Leaf and creating Styles with every outfit she wears. 

Lady Gaga has said to be in working on a contract with the well-known Tea Brand Twinings in designing her own Tea Line. A source claimed Twinings' idea is "to have tasting sessions in which she would participate. ... They want to market Tea to a new, younger generation -- and Gaga is making drinking tea cool again." Its too bad I was never told that Tea was ever uncool.... My Nana is going to be very disappointed we didn't get the memo!

I find this source to be very strange and a little upsetting. Seriously someone would actually start drinking Tea on a daily basis just because a Celebrity did? Do people really do this... please tell me its not that they do it to be like her, but because she inspires them to try something new and they end up falling in love with it? Their isn't really people out there that force Tea down there throats because someone they idolize does? Weird!

“Her management have received a load of offers from major Tea Companies, but Twinings are the frontrunners,” a source says. “They want to launch a new tea with her face on it. Names like the Taste Of Gaga are being batted about."

I realize why she may have chosen a company such as Twinings {due to its longevity in the Tea Market and Popularity down the aisle} however to be perfectly honest with you we all know there is better Tea out there, why not choose one of them? Twinings is very commercial, I know this - but seriously a true Tea Lovers will know that if given a choice between a bagged Grocery Tea Brand and a Specialty Loose Tea Leaf Company the decision is simple really. With so many options out there I sorta wished I had seen her go out on the edge like she does in everything else she does and choose a company such as Boston Tea Company or DAVIDsTEA.


Asteria said...

i'd like to see *and taste* what sort of flavour will come out of a lady gaga tea -_-

Marie a la Mode said...


I saw this and that of you!

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