Thursday, February 03, 2011

I was Lost... but now I'm Found?!

I'm Here! I'm Here!

I betcha thought I was kid-napped by cute kittens that "Haz Cheezeburgers"? We can put that rumor to rest, I'm safe and sound and just been taking it easy. I have grand size dreams for LahTeaDah that are just getting underway as we speak, give me a few more weeks to get the kinks out and once the change has been made, your going to love me more than your Nana's Knit Mittens. I promise!

When I come back I have much to share, I have 5 Fabulous Tea's that I will be reviewing between Tipus Chai and The Persimmon Tree Tea Company, as well as the Winner to Giveaway #4 and great Guest Blog Posts reviewing Zhena's Gyspy Tea from my fellow creatively beautiful friend, Lisa Marie from High Tea for Alice

So, pretty much what I am saying is this delay in daily loveliness from me is only temporary and will be made up for when I get back. 

Thank you for being so patient with me. 


Yvonne said...

Hope you are doing well dear! Been missing you!

Judy said...

Look forward to the changes! See you soon!


Ife' said...

We've missed you!!! come back soon ;)

Shannyn said...

I'm looking forward to what you have in store for your dedicated readers! :)

-Ruby at

Jodi said...

HEY!!! I will look for you this weekend!! we are going to check out the tea fest.. maybe you will recognize me???
we will be like famous people, able to point each other out in a crowd.. LOL

xoxo J

swampthings said...

Welcome back! I'm super excited for the tea reviews!!!

Twice Blessed Life said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my facebook page - Twice Blessed Life - Raising Twins Heartistically!
C'mon over to the main blog page - I've got a giveaway ending tonite 5/7 for a set of Harlequin Books that would be great to read while sipping a cuppa, and a new giveaway for an elegant Jade & Pearl Brooch that would look fantastic on any outfit you'd wear to sip tea in! (Yes, we love those elegant sweatshirts/pants, don't we ladies?)
My favorite teas are Stash Tea's Licorice Tea, and Tazo's Passion - I like to make the latter into icetea in the summer!

Looking forward to the new things you've got coming up, that you mentioned in your post!

Happy May!!

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