Friday, May 13, 2011

Come find me.... I'd Love to have you over for Tea!

Hello Lovers.... 

Its been far far too long - however now with my goals and aspiration re-set I am back to say hello and plea to all 141 of you to come find me. With the exciting news our first baby on her {yes, you heard it right - we are having a lil girl} way in September I have given more thought to Blogging and what I want to achieve! I am going to do what I came here for, Blog about my Loves in Life - which have just increase to include Pregnant. 

I decided rather than splitting everything up into 3 or 4 Blogs {as I know I would pull my hair out trying to manage them all properly} to bring them all together as one happy family. 

You can now find me daily at Little Miss Mama {} spilling the beans all about New Tea's I'm Sipping, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Finds and possibly Fashion Friday's {When I find things to fit this new body of mine} , My journey as a first-time-mama and of course life with a Growing Tummy!

You can still follow me on Twitter {@QueenEarlGrey}
You can also check out my Facebook Fan Page {Little Miss Mama}

Please do come pop by and become a follower - I sure worked hard to please you all here at LahTeaDah and hope to keep you all as friends at Little Miss Mama! I promise to bring Just as many Giveaways and just as many Tea/Fashion/Product Reviews... I PROMISE!

Hope to see/hear from you soon!

Yours Truly/Little Miss Mama/Tairalyn 


The Purse-a-holic said...

Congrats hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will def be popping over to ur little mama blog :-)

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Marie a la Mode said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! And welcome back to the blogging world
: )

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